Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sukhoi tragedy : Russia SAR Team Arrives in Bogor

Joint search and rescue team to the location of the alleged Superjrt 100 Sukhoi crash on Mount Salak , Bogor Regency , Friday ( 11/05/2012 )

Russian rescue team arrived in Bogor , on Saturday ( 05/12/2012 ) evening and will join the rescue team searching for victims in Indonesia Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft that crashed on Mount Salak .

"Tonight the Russian rescue team arrived in Bogor . They amounted to 46 people and will join with us today , " said Military Commander Col. Inf 061/Suryakancana AM Putranto search for survivors after a closing operation in Headquarters Poskodal Cattle Embryos , Pasirpogor Village , Village Cipelang , Cijeruk subdistrict , Bogor , on Saturday night .

Commander said , there is no limit to the Russian rescue team in the operation. They will go down and see for yourself the scene.

However , the existence of the Russian team under the command of SAR Indonesia . Where in every move should be coordinated with the post . " There is no limit to them . They work according to their keperluaan but we still remember their guard and coordination of foreign nationals , " said Putranto .

Sukhoi tragedy : Rescue workers are still searching for the Black Box

Joint search and rescue team to the location of the alleged crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Mount Salak , Bogor Regency , Friday ( 11/05/2012 ) .

Military Commander Colonel Infantry 061/Suryakancana AM Putranto said the current black box Sukhoi Superjet 100 is still in the search. " To this day the black box is still in search of a team . We tried to keep the box was soon discovered , " said Putranto in Cipelang , Cijeruk district , Bogor , on Saturday ( 12/05/2012 ) .

Operation today, up Danrem , focused on the evacuation of the bodies that have been found . There are two evacuation activities conducted on Saturday , the land and air routes . On the third day operation of the search for survivors , rescue teams get an extra team member of Kopassus Climber and Climbing Federation Indonesia . " The team today was helped by the presence of an international team of certified climber , " said Putranto .

Commander explained, because the evacuation process is quite extreme at this time the team has moved into the valley where the plane crashed . Position location is at an altitude of 2,000 to 2066 meters above sea level . From the height of the team should be as deep as 500 meters down the valley with a slope of 85 degrees . " Medan is quite difficult , the team should be hanging with the rope and the roots to reach the valley , " said Putranto .

Entering the third day , the combined rescue team evacuated 15 has a body bag and 13 bags of which contains two pieces of bodies and bags of material , such as identification , ID cards , driver's license , purse , wallet , and bits of debris .

According to the commander , evacuation rescue team on the third day the weather got pretty good support so that the process is quite significant . "Luckily , the weather today was supported so that the search went well , " said Putranto .

Source : Antara

TERMS OF BANK INDONESIA: All the banks involved acquisition of new provisions

Semua proses akusisi bank ikut ketentuan baru
JAKARTA . One step away from Bank Indonesia ( BI ) completed the majority of the bank stock ownership rules in the hands of one party . This would distinguish categories beleid bank owners . Among other things, the owner of a background of financial institutions ( bank and non bank ) , legal entities and private non- financial institutions . This categorization will determine the maximum number of shares that may be owned by each shareholder .

BI deputy governor Halim Alamsyah , said, BI live once held a meeting to finalize the rules . If it runs smoothly , BI entered the legal drafting stage . This means that the concept is final and no further discussion at the Board of Governors ( RDG ) to discuss the substance of the rule . However , Halim is not willing to divulge the contents of waiting for the finalization of the policy .
Earlier , sources whisper KONTAN among bankers , the central bank will limit the majority shareholding in the hands of one party a maximum of 40 % . This provision applies to finance companies and banks . Meanwhile , investors who are not non - financial firms limited to a maximum of 30% and 20% of individual investors .

There is also an option to allow the company a public company have the status of bank shares to 51 % . Halim did not want to confirm this news . "Just wait until the rule was published, " he said .
Halim was only willing to explain the fate of the pending acquisition because these rules have to wait for sunrise . Such as the acquisition of DBS against Danamon , RHB Bank Mestika of Affin Bank to Bank or Ina .

According to him , all proposals must fit with the acquisition of the contents of the new regulations . So , stocks that they want to control must follow the new provisions . That is, DBS plans mengenggam 67 % stake in Asia Financials Temasek may lose ground .
Halim add a , it will look at and take into account the various possibilities when the BI issued a new policy . Both the impact of the development of the banking industry in the long run , health and competitiveness of the industry to the competitive situation in other countries , including the ASEAN region .

Analysts Economics, University of Gajah Mada , Tony A. Prasentiantono , judge , this policy should be supported . More and more owners , the better governance . He suggested, gradual and divestments made ​​through the capital market .
A decrease of 10% per year is reasonable . " If the ownership of investors to 90 % , with a decrease of 10% per year it takes 4 to 5 years , " he said . Appropriate transition period is the key that this policy does not seem anti -foreign.

Thus, the most crucial of the application of this rule is a transition period for divestment .
Earlier , President Director of Bank Central Asia ( BCA ) , John Setiaatmadja state , waiting for sunrise ownership rules . Once there is clarity , then it was thought the divestment process . "If it is not clear , we are reluctant to comment , " said John. Until December 31 , Hartono family ( Djarum ) through Farallon Investment Indonesia has 47 % stake in BCA

Source : Kontan


Still on the accident aircraft Sukhoi super jet 100 , is a reporter for private television
become victims of the plane crash . The author was still a city with a reporter
Ismiyati named , the reporter was living in the city attacked the province of Banten .
Previous reporter who graduated from university education S1 Sastra Indonesia Japan was to coverage for the first flight of Sukhoi super jet 100.

The plane was traveling first and then cross -prone areas
Plane crash Mount Salak , Bogor, West Java . Ismiyati was an outgoing teenager
and easy to get along , folks reporter felt lost on the occurrence of accidents
them. her parents still do not believe that his daughter is in the Sukhoi aircraft .

When a reporter visited his friends in his home town of attack and asked about his family , his neighbors immediately felt sad when they find out if Ismiyati become victims of these accidents. The neighbors say that he 's a good kid and always held the children if there is a great day of national celebration .

Ismiyati an amateur reporter who is very tough , he was assigned to cover each edge incident on natural disasters and traffic accidents . Ismiyati the plan later this month will be appointed as permanent employees of the largest private television company in Indonesia. May the families left behind are given fortitude . ANT .


Some Japanese researchers on Friday May 11th , expressing " population clock " that showed the country's people in theory could become extinct in 1,000 years due to declining birth rate .

Some of the academic community in the city of Sendai , northern Japan , said residents in the Japanese children , aged up to 14 years and now number 16.6 million , shrinking the number one in every 100 seconds .

Those prophecy pointing to the Japanese without a child in a millennium . " If this decline rate continues, we will be able to celebrate Children's Day on May 5, 3011 as a public holiday , because there would be only one child , " said Hiroshi Yoshida , economics professor at Tohoku University .

" But 100 seconds later there would be no child is left , " he said . " The overall trend toward extinction , which began in 1975 , when Japan's fertility rate fell below the two . "

Yoshida said he created the hour population in order to encourage discussion of " urgent " on the issue .
Another study earlier this year showed Japan's population is estimated to shrink so one-third the current number , 127.7 million , within a century .

Government projections show only the birth rate will reach 1.35 children per woman in 50 years , far below the replacement rate .

Meanwhile, life expectancy - which has become one of the highest in the world - is expected to increase from 86.39 years in 2010 to be 90.93 years in 2060 for women and 79.64 years from 84.19 years for men so .

More than 20 percent of Japan's population aged 65 years or more , one of the older people of the world's highest .

Population of gray make the headaches facing policy makers attempt to ensure the pool of workers who mix , stirring to pay the amount of retirees swell , according to the AFP - who monitored ANTARA here on Friday night.

But for most Japanese companies , the traditional age pyramid gives rollovers of commercial opportunities .

Unicharm said Friday the sale of adult pempers " little has been exceeded " pempers sales for the baby in the fiscal year through March , for the first time since the company entered the senior market .

The company began selling pempers for infants in 1981 and to mature in 1987 , spokesman Kazuya Kondo - are not willing to mention the specific amount of the sale.

Japan has very little immigration , and any suggestions regarding the opening of the border for young workers who can help close the gap population triggers strong reactions from the public .

Source : ANT


Super Puma helicopters to be used to evacuate the Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane crash landed in Cijeruk , Bogor Regency , Friday ( 11/05/2012 ) .

In this afternoon ,Head of the National SAR Daryatmo Marshal TNI confirms that the combined rescue team had found 12 bodies of victims of accidents Sukhoi Superjet 100. The current evacuations continue to be made by land and air .

" It's from the morning we carried out the evacuation , either by air or land , at 10.00 , the SAR team had identified 12 people who all have died , " said Daryatmo , Friday ( 11/05/2012 ) at Halim Perdanakusuma airport .

Daryatmo said, now all the bodies are still at the crash site and has not been successfully brought to a nearby helipad . " Until now still at the crash site , have not been brought to a nearby helipad , " he said .

The identity of the corpse , it is recognized Daryatmo , also remains unclear . Because the SAR team still remains focused on the evacuation process . " We express our condolences may God Almighty give patience to his family and also the others , " said Daryatmo .

Previously, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft with flight number RA36801 lost contact at coordinates 06 ° 43 ' 08 " south latitude and 106 ° 43' 15 " East Longitude . Coordinates were estimated near Cidahu , Mount Salak .

The current condition at 11.25 pm Trans tv report that the team and their repoter found 20 bodies of victims of accident sukhoi super jet 100. The victims will be carried out with helicopters and be evacuated to TNI Hospital.