Friday, May 18, 2012

Gold rebounded from a five -month lows

Emas rebound dari level terendah lima bulan

SINGAPORE . Gold rebounded from its lowest level in five months. Investors began to chase the yellow , because the price is already low , fell sharply in recent post . Moreover , the U.S. dollar began to weaken muscles .

This precious metal has dropped 3.4 % in four trading days up to yesterday . Political issue in Greece prompted investors prefer the dollar . Greece will hold a second election , after failing to form a government . This news raised concerns about the future of the countries in the euro bloc .

While the U.S. dollar fell from its strongest level in four months against the euro . Because the Fed policy makers said that further monetary policy easing may be necessary .

After five days truncated, gold rebounded 0.7 % to U.S. $ 1549.55 per troy ounce , before trading at U.S. $ 1,544.77 at 10:22 am Singapore time . Yesterday , the price had dropped to U.S. $ 1,526.97 . This is the lowest level since December 29 .

Meanwhile , gold for June delivery rose 0.5 % to U.S. $ 1544.50 per troy ounce on the Comex division of Nymex - .

" Gold has been in oversold position ( oversold ) . Investors interested in buying at the current starting price is low enough . However , in the short term , the strengthening dollar would cause the increase is limited , " said Dong Zhuying of Haitong Futures Co.

35 had a body bag arrived at the Police Hospital

JAKARTA . The Center for Medicine and Health ( Kapusdokkes ) Brigadier General Mussadeq Isaac said that currently the Police Hospital , Kramat Jati , East Jakarta has received 35 body bags from the crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100. A total of 30 bags containing the bodies , while the other five contain a property .

" This morning , there are five more body bags coming . Of that total , 30 bags containing many pieces of the body ( body parts) , " said Mussadeq at the Police Hospital , East Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/5 ) .

Mussadeq reluctant to explain in detail about the victim's body Sukhoi were identified through a data matching teeth . According to him , the ethical identity of the bodies are yet to be published .

"Later in time we will definitely announce , " he said .

Police DVI team parties have not been able to determine the number of victims found the bodies of 30 bags . That's because the reconstruction still needs to be done every part of the body that are matched in the identification process . The number of passengers own Sukhoi manifesto based on data up to 45 people , 10 of whom were eight Russian citizens , one American and one French citizen

Oil prices rose for the first time in 5 days

 Harga minyak naik untuk pertama kali dalam 5 hari
SINGAPORE . World oil contract prices have risen this morning for the first time in five days in New York . This morning , the price of WTI crude contract for June delivery rose 57 cents to $ 93.38 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. At 11:12 am Sydney time , the same contract in the position of U.S. $ 93.31 sebarel .

Meanwhile, the price of Brent crude contract for July delivery fell 23 cents to U.S. $ 109.52 sebarel at ICE Futures Europe exchange .

The factors that influence the movement of oil prices today is the Japanese economic data that showed growth exceeded estimates . Moreover , technically , there are indications that the decline in oil prices have gone too deep.

For your additional information , data released by the Japanese government showed , the level of gross domestic product rose 4.1 % Sakura in the first quarter of 2012. Meanwhile , the median 27 economists surveyed by Bloomberg predicted growth of 3.5 % .

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ECB policy making cackle European markets

Kebijakan ECB bikin bursa Eropa keok

LONDON . European stocks beaten , after the European Central Bank ( ECB ) to stop a bank loan to Greece . That means the stock market has been terpapas blue continent for the fourth day .

Europe Stoxx 600 Index fell 0.3 % to 243.73 positions at 8:25 London time . European benchmark stock index has cut 3.3 % in the last four sessions .

Meanwhile, some of the major exchanges such as the Stoxx 50 slid 0.46 % . Then , the FTSE 100 index minus 0.45 % , and the DAX index fell 0.14 % .

Yesterday, the ECB said it will temporarily stop lending to some Greek banks to avoid risks . President Mario Draghi suggests , the ECB will not compromise on core principles to keep the Greeks remain in the Euro .

Besides the issue of Europe , the market is also depressed because of the Federal Reserve signaled the U.S. economy may need more stimulus . This indicates the U.S. economic recovery may not go smoothly .

For the record , on this day , some exchanges such as in Switzerland , Norway , Sweden , Denmark and Finland are closed over the holidays.

Russia will send the reader black box of sukhoi

JAKARTA . Russia will send the reader black box Sukhoi Superjet ( SSJ ) 100 to Indonesia on Thursday ( 17/5 ) , gun help the process of investigating the cause of the plane crashed on Mount Salak , Bogor , West Java , last week .

The decision was conveyed Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia , Moscow time Thursday morning . A data reader or voice recordings talks pilot cockpit recorder ( VCR ) it will immediately be sent today and is expected to be used .

VCR is one of the two black boxes that record flight activity before it occurs kecelakaan.VCR SSJ100 plane that crashed in Gunung Salak rescue team found the Army Special Forces Command ( Army Special Forces rescue team ) , Tuesday ( 15/5 . VCR is found in charred state .

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia , who also became Chairman of the Russian investigators , Yury Slyusar , VCR to record the conversation in the cockpit during the last two hours . One other black box , the flight data recorder ( FDR ) has so far not been found .

FDR is very important in the investigation of the causes of aircraft accidents since the device to record vital data about the engine , control system , speed , altitude , and technical data other flight when the accident occurred .

Delivery by the Russian reader VCR 's answer has been speculation about the location of the opening and reading of the black box . With Russia 's submission tools , the investigators of the National Commission on Transportation Accidents Indonesia ( Indonesia NTSC ) VCR can be set to work reading SSJ100 . 

This is the chronology of the discovery of the black box of Sukhoi

JAKARTA . Charlie Kopassus team finally found the black box or black box on the cliffs of Mount Salak , West Java on Tuesday ( 15/5 ) morning . The black boxes were found among the wreckage about 100 meters from the location of the discovery of the tail. This was disclosed Team Charlie Kopassus commander , First Lieutenant Infantry M Taufik Akbar , Wednesday ( 05/16/2012 ) , when contacted .

Taufik told the chronology of the discovery of the black box . Initially , Charlie Special Forces team of five people combed the ravine and the cliff of Mount Salak is the scene of the accident aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 on Wednesday ( 15/05/2012 ) .

" At 10:00, we find there is a box which we suspect as a black box , " said Akbar .

The box , he said , buried in the ground and the wreckage scattered . The team was suspicious because there are a half-body black box that pops to the surface .

" There's still orange edges , digging and finally we see that box , " said Akbar .

Condition of the black box , Akbar said , had been burned . Most of the boxes that can record conversations pilot , altitude , and airspeed is also blackened from fire.

Akbar explained that the location of the discovery of the black box is located 100 meters above the location of the tail. Sukhoi Superjet plane's tail was found 300 meters from the location of the crash happened .

To remove the black box , the team also had to use a rope directly appointed to the Super Puma helicopter owned by Air Force . Meanwhile , the black box or black box is a set of devices used in transportation . Generally , referring to the flight data recorders ( flight data recorder / FDR ) and cockpit voice recorders ( cockpit voice recorder / CVR ) in aircraft.

Function of its own black box is to record a conversation between the pilot and guide traffic or air traffic control ( ATC ) and to learn about air pressure and weather conditions during flight .

Although the so-called black box , but in fact the box is not black but orange ( orange ) . It is intended to facilitate the search when the plane crashed .

The black box will be an essential element for the National Transportation Safety Committee ( NTSC ) which will examine the causes of aircraft accidents Sukgoi Superjet 100 on Wednesday ( 05/09/2012 ) on the cliffs of Mount Salak , West Java .

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sukhoi Super Jet 100 : Permits the aircraft has been approved all agencies

Russia 's Ambassador to Indonesia , Alexandrei Ivanov , Sukhoi Superjet 100 confirms that have permits from all government agencies in Indonesia . It is still steeped in the origin of the Russian crash on the slopes of Mount Salak , Bogor , on Wednesday ( 05/09/2012 ) .

" From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of existing licenses , which we call the diplomatic clearance . From TNI headquarters had issued security clearance . From the Ministry of Transportation , we call the flight approval . This procedure has been passed , the joy of this flight can be conducted , " Ivanov said on Friday ( 11.05.2012 ) evening at Halim Perdanakusuma airport .

He added that the Russian government is now really help investigate the cause of the accident . "There will be a plane from Russia with supplies for the investigation to support our investigation . This cooperation we are doing in order to really tunttas and get it over with , " said Ivanov .

Russia , Ivanov added , will be open if the investigation team managed to find the cause. "Nothing is covered up . The most important thing for any team from Russia , to support the team , " he said . To conduct investigations and evacuation efforts , the Russian government to fly the country's 40 experts who will be joined by 37 other people .

 This is a form of realization of the agreement between President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) and President Vladimir Putin . There are two agreements in the conversation between the President and President Putin . Two things that the Indonesia - Russia cooperation to the process of forensic identification of victims of disaster, where Russia also has experts in that field. Second , President Putin also offered cooperation to send experts who will identify the wreckage berpenumpang 47 people.

Source: Antaran

PERFORMANCE OF BANKING : Surprisingly, JPMorgan U.S. $ 2 billion short

Mengejutkan, JPMorgan tekor US$ 2 miliar

JPMorgan Chase gives shocking news . Largest bank in the United States has revealed a loss of U.S. $ 2 billion due to investment mistakes .

Chief Executive Jamie Dimon said the investment losses were due to carelessness and wrong judgments . " This is the most famous fault , " he said . " This error is caused by the act itself and this is not the way we do business , " he said .

He reminded , the JPMorgan losses would be increased. "The strategy of risk hedging bank will charge a U.S. $ 1 billion , " he added .

Due to these losses , JPMorgan shares fell by 7 % after one hour the market opens . JPMorgan attenuation was also followed by other banking stocks .

These investment losses will make the performance of JPMorgan slumped . It is estimated , JPMorgan will suffer a loss of U.S. $ 800 million in the second quarter 2012 net profits have increased more .

Source: Kontan