Saturday, June 2, 2012

Too Long Erection , Male Demand BMW

San Francisco , - Herny Wolf , the man from California , United States filed a lawsuit against BMW and the seat manufacturer Corbin - Pacific in San Francisco Superior Court . Ihwalnya , erection without subsides and leads to the possibility of having a sexually transmitted disease called " priapism " .

Priapism is an erection that occurs over four hours occurring without sexual stimulation or do not subside after ejaculation ( Dictionary ) . Henry is accused of having this disease after a four -hour drive on a 1993 BMW motorcycle production in May 2010 .

Not long after the trip, said his penis hardened Herny by itself . It is said , a vibration in the driving seat of the motorcycle was disruptive during the trip . Priapism caused Henry emotionally disturbed .

Henry charges at trial , he suffered emotional and mental as well as unable to perform normal sexual . According to him , BMW and Corbin - Pacific which led to irresponsible consumers suffer.(KOMPAS)

UK economic outlook slashed to 0.1 %

Prediksi ekonomi Inggris dibabat habis ke 0,1%

LONDON . British Chambers of Commerce ( BCC ) cut estimates of UK economic growth this year from the original 0.6 % to 0.1 % . However, the group that represents 100 000 businesses raises economic forecast out 2013 from 1.8% to 1.9 % .
In the third quarter of 2013 , unemployment in Britain is expected to increase from 2625 million or a ratio of 8.2 % to 2.9 million or 9 % . The trigger is a public sector spending that had been trimmed to reduce the debt burden .
Therefore, the banking sector is expected to turn the wheels of the economy more quickly by providing loans to lower middle class entrepreneurs . Bank is also expected to increase the share of credit to the sector and facilitate infrastructure and long-term loans for aviation and energy industries .

Unemployment rate rises , Wall Street collapse

Tingkat penggangguran naik, Wall Street tumbang

NEW YORK . U.S. exchanges fell after the country's unemployment rate increased. The weakening of the domestic stock index Uwak Sam is also the case for European industrial production data fell while production in China slowed .

Until 9:45 pm local time , Standard & Poor's 500 has dropped by 1.5 % to a level of 1290.69 . This is the lowest ranking since last January 13, 2012 . Meanwhile , the Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped 1.4 % to as low as 12218.05 .

Stock prices fell after the employment is very low in May this year . The unemployment rate rose from 8.1 % to 8.2 % .

Meanwhile , the data show the number of payroll employees were also disappointing market participants . Payments payrolls rose by only 69 000 in the last month .

This figure is lower than the pessimistic forecast survey conducted by Bloomberg . Survey conducted by Bloomberg predict the results of the payroll increase of 150,000.

U.S. stock indexes also slumped as sentiment in Europe . These data show the industry benchmark in the euro zone fell to its lowest in three years.(Kontan)

Lady Gaga Record 25 Million Follower

SINGAPORE , cancellation of her concert in Indonesia controversy does not make Lady Gaga fans subside , just the opposite . Singer from New York (USA ) today became the first person in the world which has 25 million fans on social media Twitter .

"Twenty-five million tweety monsters wow . I officially feel like the luckiest girl in the world today. Most recent show in Singapore sold out in just two hours . " Similarly, Lady Gaga singing the latest , as reported by AFP .

Lady Gaga is now a pop star most fans on Twitter , followed by Justin Bieber ( in second place with 22.9 million followers ) , Katy Perry , Britney Spears , Shakira , and Taylor Swift.

According site , at the next position is President Barack Obama with 17 million followers , and the United States celebrity Kim Kardashian , with 14.8 million followers .

Lady Gaga also before the first record in the history of Twitter when he surpassed the record 10 , 15 and 20 million followers . ( Kompas )

Friday, June 1, 2012

‘You were born this way, Indonesia!’ Gaga shouts

A video of American pop act Lady Gaga inviting her fans in Singapore to give a shout out to Indonesian fans during her performance in the country on Tuesday evening has been circulating on the video-sharing website Youtube.

In the four-minute video, the 26-year-old singer, wearing black clothes, asks the Singapore audience to shout: “You were born this way, Indonesia!” twice while holding a mini placard saying “we love Indo”.

“I just want you to do something special for me, okay? I can’t go to Indonesia this year. We all know why. So, to make Indonesian “Little Monsters” happy … put your paws up in the name of compassion,” she said in the video, uploaded by Youtube user 123teevee on Tuesday.

“Little Monsters” is the nickname for the singer’s group of followers.

Gaga, who has expressed her devastation over the cancellation of her Jakarta concert via her Twitter account, @ladygaga, asked the Singapore audience “to put your paws up” for Indonesia, quoting a phrase from her self-embracing anthem “Born This Way”.

“One more time so that everyone in Indonesia can hear you … one, two, three … You were born this way, Indonesia! Thank you for doing that for me, for them and for each other. In the end, it’s the music that bonds all of us,” she added.

The Grammy-award winning singer was performing in Singapore as a part of her 2012 world tour, titled “Born This Way Ball” late on Tuesday. Her Jakarta gig, previously scheduled for June 3, was cancelled amid pressure from the country’s hard-liner groups.

Among Indonesian fans who came to Singapore to watch Gaga was local presenter Becky Tumewu, who said via her Twitter on Tuesday evening that “Gaga is dedicating the Singapore concert to a group of Little Monsters in Indonesia”.

The singer, known for her songs such as “Bad Romance” and “Just Dance” is slated to perform again in Singapore on Thursday. (Jakarta Post)

Transcription of Sukhoi's CVR completed: KNKT

JAKARTA. The National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) has completed a transcription of recorded dialogue between the pilot and co-pilot on the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from the ill-fated Sukhoi Superjet 100 that crashed in Mt. Salak in Bogor, West Java.

"We are now analyzing the transcription with the assistance of an interpreter from the Indonesian embassy in Uzbekistan," KNKT chief Tatang Kurniadi said on Thursday.

The CVR was found about a week after the Russian-made aircraft crashed on May 9.

The flight-data recorder (FDR), which along with the VCR makes up the black box, was found by locals near the crash site on Wednesday.

"The FDR was found 20 meters down the slope from the location of the plane's tail wreckage. Locals reported the finding last night," National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) chief, Air Vice Marshal Daryatmo, told a press conference at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport on Thursday.

Besides the FDR, locals also found a number of parts belonging to the plane, including the power lever.

The Sukhoi smashed into Mt. Salak while on a demonstration flight, generally known in Indonesia as a "joy flight".

The plane vanished from radar screens and an Air Force helicopter discovered the wreckage the following morning.

Of the 45 passengers, 35 were Indonesians and eight were Russians. A US citizen and a French national were also on board. No one survived. ( Kontan )

Wall Street is heating up, S & P 's worst since September

NEW YORK . Capital owners still do not have the courage to spend their funds in securities markets in total. This condition is clearly visible on Wall Street . At the beginning of the transaction , which is at 10:00 local time , three teams have beaten Wall Street sell- beaten .
Stock heating up , until the S & P 500 index recorded its biggest monthly decline since September 2011 . S & P 500 retreated 8.16 points, or 0.62 % to 1305.16 . Index be disappointed by the global economic developments . Number of shares in free fall from a position closing the previous day .
Among these are mining equipment company Joy Global Inc. , which already fell 7.7 % . Investors abandoned the stock immediately after Joy slashed earnings estimates because of the increasingly uncertain economy . Then TiVo Inc. , sank 5.5 % after the manufacturer of the video recorder is a loss .
Similar fate experienced by the Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) is also minus 54.79 points, or 0.44 % to 12365.07 . Then the Nasdaq stock exchange , fell 26.84 points, or 0.95 % to 2810.52 .
"There is no barrier avalanche global economy . Although the United States ( U.S. ) to work as hard as anything to improve the economy , Europe was the one who is now a mecca for all the eyes of traders , " commentator Alan Gayle , senior strategist at RidgeWorth Capital Management in Richmond , Virginia .(Kontan)

European panic rising , Wall Street on fire

NEW YORK . Three Wall Street burned along the transaction on Wednesday ( 30/5 ) . Index continued to hit the sell of trade until the beginning of the end of the transaction .

Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) , collapsed 160.83 points, or 1.28 % to 12419.86 . The S & P 500 fell 19.10 , or 1.43 % to 1313.32 and the Nasdaq stock exchange collapsed 33.63 points, or 1.17 % to 2837.36 .

Spanish banking system is increasingly alarming , to remove the optimism in the market all day . Bursa is also directly fall after drop in home sales last year .

Greece will issue the departure of the European Union back to the market anxiety and tends to hold the transaction . " The market is in a fairly high anxiety , " said Hayes Miller , head of asset allocation , Baring Asset Management Inc .

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sukhoi FDR was found in 20 feet of the tail

JAKARTA . Joint search and rescue team finally found the flight data recorder ( FRD ) Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft owned by Russia . FDR was found 20 meters from the ill-fated plane's tail on May 9 that.

Head Basarnas Daryatmo Marshal said , FDR was discovered by the community who are members of the SAR team . " So FDR was buried in the ground , so people are more careful look , " he said Thursday ( 31/5 ) .

On these findings , Daryatmo gratitude to the citizens of the community . "Once again thank you to the citizens , the last pack cs Dudung found FDR , " he said .

Sukhoi any party has confirmed the truth of the FDR . " I confirm , yes this is FDR , " said Vladimir Sukhoi representatives Laprov .

For information, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is the Russian who was doing a demo flight with route Jakarta - Jakarta - port of the unfortunate Queen . Plane carrying 45 people consisting of eight Russian citizens , a French citizen , a U.S. citizen , and 35 Indonesian citizens that lost contact in the area of Mount Salak , Bogor , West Java .

A day later, the wreckage was found on the slopes . There was no survivor in the accident .

Currently Indonesian National Transportation Safety Commission is investigating the plane crash . The findings of FDR is expected to reveal the cause of the accident.( )

Gold prices eroded in Asia market

Harga emas terkikis di pasar Asia
MELBOURNE . After rising sharply , eroding the price of gold back in the Asian market . However , movement is very limited in this morning .

Gold for August delivery on the Comex , Nymex fell slightly to the level of U.S. $ 1564.50 per troy ounce at 8:12 Melbourne time . Yesterday , the price shot 0.9 % to U.S. $ 1565.70 per troy ounce . This is the steepest rise in the past week .

Meanwhile , gold for immediate delivery also fell slightly to U.S. $ 1563.40 per troy ounce .

Yesterday , the market had time to hunt for the yellow , due to anxiety crisis in Europe worsened. Because the CDS Spanish government bonds rose to record highs , because the government is still struggling to rescue ailing banks . Moreover , the EU said , the high government debt of Italy and a sluggish economy caused this country more vulnerable to financial crises in the region.

" We saw some safe-haven buying in gold , " said Phil Streible , senior broker at RJ O'Brien & Associates , in Chicago .( Kontan. )

ECB rejected the Spanish bank recapitalization proposal

ECB tolak proposal rekapitalisasi bank Spanyol

SAN FRANCISCO . European Central Bank ( ECB ) reportedly refused requests Spain to recapitalize Bankia SA with government bonds . This Financial Times newspaper quoted a source with knowledge of the incident immediately .
Spain plans boosted spending by 19 billion euros or U.S. $ 24 billion through bonds to recapitalize the parent Bankia through a cash fund within three months . European Central Bank was forced to reject the plan because of violation of EU rules .
Largest bank with assets in Spain 's fourth request bailout funds to strengthen the structure , liquidity and capital stability . Health care Matador State banking industry getting worse lately . Investor uncertainty induced liquidity crunch put the funds in the bank .

European stock markets sink deeper and deeper

ZURICH . Instead of improving, the debt crisis in Europe was even more severe . As a result , the major stock exchanges in Europe sank deeper and deeper.

Wednesday ( 30/5 ) , London 's FTSE 100 index closed down declining 1.7 % to 5297.28 . At the same time , Germany 's DAX index fell 1.8 % to 6280 , 80 , while the ASE index slides 3.2 % in Greece .

Indeed , falling European stock market is predictable . Because the debt crisis prevention and development budget in European countries is not encouraging.

In Greece , for example , the magazine conducted a poll which showed that Epikaira Syriza party opposing the European Union -style budget savings of 30% voter support in Greece . Meanwhile , the New Democracy party is a supporter of bailouts and austerity policies of the European Union only managed to capture 26.5 % .

These results illustrate that New Democracy , perhaps , be difficult to win re- election on 17 June. If this happens , the fate of Greek debt restructuring and budget can be messy . In fact , the tip , could the Greek should be completely out of the European Union .

Sentiment is blowing in Italy and Spain is equally bad . Italian government bond prices going down . In the auction on Wednesday ( 30/5 ) , the Italian government also can sell bonds only tenure of 5 years and 10 years worth of 5.73 billion euros . This figure is below the initial target of reaching 6.25 billion euros .

" The main threat to the Italian bond market currently comes from the external , " said Nicholas Spiro , Managing Director Spiro Sovereign Strategy in London , as quoted by Bloomberg .

Debt market conditions in Spain was no better . Yields on government bonds soaring tenor of 5 years to 6% for the first time since 30 November last year . It's a sign that investors against the quality perspepsi Spanish debt is getting worse.

Negative sentiment of Europe was also transmitted to Wall Street . In early trading , the Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) on the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) has dropped 1.13 % to 12.438.50. ( )

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Performance Blackberry manufacturer worse off

NEW YORK . Competition is fierce in the business smartphone make Research In Motion sagging performance . This quarter, the Blackberry manufacturer estimates will suffer a loss in the last eight years .

This poor performance is also forcing RIM to fire employees in significant numbers . " The competitive environment resulted in lower volume of our business and the increasingly dynamic price competition is reflected in the performance of a single quarter . As a result there may be a loss for this quarter , " said Chief Executive Thorsten Heins .

RIM has appointed JP Morgan and RBC Capital Markets to rethink their market strategy . Both the bank will evaluate the benefits of the Blackberry platform through partnerships , licensing opportunities and strategies for alternative models .

RIM last year 's performance has declined. In 2011 , RIM managed to score a net profit of U.S. $ 1.2 billion . This figure dropped from the previous year which amounted to U.S. $ 3.4 billion .

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcomes the survey in Greece, the Wall Street turn green

NEW YORK . Shares in exchange the United States ( U.S. ) moves up after the results of the referendum revenue Greek bailout wins support movement in elections next month . The results of this poll will increase speculation of austerity measures to secure the euro .

Alcoa Inc ( AA ) and Newmont Mining Corp. ( NEM ) each rose 1 % as copper prices rose amid China copper stockpiles depleted. Meanwhile, Apple Inc. ( AAPL ) rose , while the social networking site Facebook Inc ( FB ) recorded decreases.

Standard & Poor's 500 Index ( SPX ) rose 0.5 % to 1321.1 at 10:16 New York time . While the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 41 points, or up 0.3 % to 12 470 . Meanwhile, the U.S. equity markets closed today for holidays.

"The poll shows , the New Democratic and Socialist parties would have enough votes to form a coalition . Because it will stem the tide of negative in Greece , " said Gerard Lane , equity strategist at Shore Capital Group Ltd in Liverpool , England .

The new Democratic Movement supports saving in accordance with EU policy . This conclusion is an opinion poll published May 26 , as the reaction continues to campaign for the general election on 17 June.

Investment , the importance of science supplies

JAKARTA . Enough knowledge about an investment instrument before deciding to place the assets , is one of the main requirements that must be owned by investors . " When buying a stock , you should understand what you are buying stocks , " Whitney said Prasetyo , Senior Vice President Consumer Retail Investment and Treasury Head at Citi Indonesia .

The first experience that makes investing nan pahitlah Harsya tight hold of these principles. Twelve years ago when I was studying in Australia , Whitney dared to invest in shares of mining companies and telecommunications in the Aussie . " Choosing the shares based on the recommendation of friends , " her story .

Unfortunate , choice mining stock prices continue to decline . At that time, Whitney was still calm , yet the stock is a long term investment .

However , the company is finally removed alias delisted from the exchange. While investing in shares of telecom Harsya memble well , not even the capital to buy back . " I no longer wanted to invest only on what the word friend , " he recalls .
When returned to Indonesia , Whitney tried to switch the investment in fixed income mutual funds and foreign exchange . After going back to Australia to take professional title Chartered Financial Analyst ( CFA ) , he began to seriously invest . The options , stock mutual funds , fixed income and stocks .

diversification of risk

Whitney admitted , had panicked , as the tsunami in the global financial markets in 2008 . " Panicking because cutloss was -30% , " he said . Whitney said , when he was carried away , swept up Overtrading market .

This dramatic experience to make a serious Harsya diversifying assets to divide the risk . In addition to the mutual fund shares , he also spread their investment funds into bonds and property .

He acknowledged , though has diversified its assets , it is not possible investors fail to avoid losses. The reason is, when financial markets fall , all kinds of investments in markets ranging from stocks, bonds , to commodities , fell in unison . " So , in times of crisis , diversification of investment sometimes be not very meaningful , " he said .

However , according to Whitney , diversification of assets will be very useful when investors have to equip themselves with enough cash to survive as a tactic ( holding power) . " So when the market falls , we hold to defend it. Problem is that most people can not stand because it would need money when the market minus , " he said .

To stay calm when the market turmoil , Whitney suggested , that investors always equip themselves with an emergency fund equal to 12 times the minimum monthly living expenses . " With this emergency fund , we feel the benefits of asset diversification , " said Whitney .

After the market collapse felt in 2008 , while still picking stocks , Whitney is now also focusing on the mutual fund invests its capital stock as a long term investment . Because the goal is long-term investment , Whitney did not panic , despite the pressure drop due to the global market .

" On average my purchase price is still low , but not why . I felt I became more comfortable , more peaceful , " he said .

Painting as the continued investment

As a professional in the financial industry , it is not strange if Harsya Prasetyo more funds play in financial market products . However , Whitney admitted he actually became interested in investment opportunities in the painting .

Interests that have emerged in the Whitney exhibition came in Melbourne, Australia , in 2004. One of the paintings on display impressionisme style is the work of Van Gogh .

Whitney fell in love and harbored a desire to have them someday. " Because of the joy , then I think , to buy his paintings repro if anything I would not get the original , " says Whitney .

More and more just heard about the breadth of opportunities to invest in paintings , Whitney increasingly eager to collect paintings . At least the next two years , the painting can be included in its investment portfolio . " It is merely the focus of love , " said Whitney .

For now, Whitney admits that they obstructed the limitations of time in selecting a suitable painting for their collection as well as an investment .

In addition to painting , men born 34 years ago is also planning on having a second property . Although he considered, investing in property risk is big enough . " Ideally , both should be quite expensive property so that the rent is too expensive , " he said .

Thus, the Whitney could have sufficient funds to compensate for the risk when there is damage to the rented property. ( )

Nico Omer Jonckheere : Glad the price of gold fell

Gold prices continued to slump lately no doubt make many precious metals investors worried . But not for Nico Omer Jonckheere . Vice President of Research & Analysis Valbury is actually pleased with the decline in gold prices lately .

The reason is simple. With cheaper prices , he was able to obtain Belgian gold in greater numbers with the same value for money . Understandably , Nico is always set aside money each month in the same value to buy gold . " I buy every month without seeing the price and of course according to financial ability , " he said .

Yes , since two years ago , Nico did invest in gold on a regular basis . Instead of buying gold bullion , gold coins he chose the alias , neither dinar and silver dirham coins . However , he never count how many gold and silver coins are collected. Clearly , the numbers in the hundreds of pieces .

And Nico said , coin silver more than gold coins . He was deliberately buy more dirhams . He had a reason : the potential increase in the price of silver is greater than the price of gold . In addition, "The price of silver is more expensive so they can earn more , " said 41 -year -old man born in the City of Oostende , Belgium .

Dim glow of the precious metals lately did not make Nico helm . Because, he bought gold and silver coins for a long term investment . He plans to keep the coins are in a long time . " When the price of gold and silver crazy ride later , we sit back just to see the greater our wealth , " he said . ( )

Mother Monster apologizes to Little Monsters

JAKARTA. US pop singer Lady Gaga has apologized to her Indonesian fans for cancelling her planned June 3 concert at Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta.
"We had to cancel the concert in Indonesia. I'm so very sorry to the fans and just as devastated as you, if not more. You are everything to me," she said, through her official Twitter account, @ladygaga, on Sunday evening.
Earlier on Sunday, local promoter Big Daddy Entertainment told reporters in Jakarta that Gaga’s management had called their company in the morning to cancel her performance in the capital.
According to company executive Michael Rusli, the Grammy Award-winning artist's management decided to cancel the planned concert due to "security concerns".
Despite this turn of events, Lady Gaga hinted to Indonesian fans that she would give them special compensation for the cancellation.
"I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown. #GagaSendsLoveToJakarta and all its people," she wrote.
Lady Gaga had previously spoken out about the drama surrounding her Jakarta concert, noting censorship concerns and threats of violence against her.
"The Jakarta situation is two-fold: Indonesian authorities demand I censor the show and religious extremists are threatening violence," she posted on Twitter on May 22. “If the show does go ahead as scheduled, I will perform the BTWBall [Born This Way Ball] alone.”
One of the authorities referred to was Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali, who had previously said that Gaga "indulges in pornography by wearing revealing costumes" and that she would have a negative influence on young Indonesians.
There are also groups like the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), which has expressed strong opposition to the Grammy Award-winning artist, with FPI chief, Habib Salim Alatas, saying that Gaga brings "the faith of Satan to our country and thus will destroy the nation’s morals".
The FPI had even threatened to send its members to intercept the singer if she were to arrive in Indonesia.
In addition to these religious and political figures, the police also made it difficult for Lady Gaga to come to Indonesia.
The Jakarta Police, for instance, refused to recommend that the National Police issue a concert permit.
The National Police, in turn, set Gaga's concert promoters a large set of requirements in order for her to get a permit, which included asking for recommendations from groups like the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and the Religious Affairs Ministry, both of which had expressed strong disapproval of the artist.
Due to the cancellation, Big Daddy Entertainment said they would refund the 52,000 tickets that fans had bought, 12,000 of which were purchased by overseas concertgoers, including from Australia and the Philippines. (

China increasingly stringent set of social networking

BEIJING . China seems to be always strictly regulate the behavior of its citizens. Even social networking fever that plague the world is very limited development in China .
Latest , the biggest microblogging service in China that is Weibo introduce legislation limiting the model 's straightforward message that can be published .
Weibo , which has many similarities with Twitter , took this step after the Chinese government criticized the unfounded rumors published by several users .
Some reports say the credit scoring system will also be introduced . The system works by reducing the number of users for each of their offenses . User accounts are often threatened violation removed .

Company owner Weibo , Sina Corp. , said they had more than 300 million registered users .
The user will start with 80 points and they get extra points if you take part in promotional activities , but lose points if you break the rules .
If the number falls below 60 users , a low credit warning will appear in their micro-blogging , and resulted in the removal of the account if the number reaches zero . If they be good for two consecutive months , their numbers will be reset to 80.
" This is a sign that the authorities tried to curb the internet in China , but a group of idealistic people who will still find ways to outsmart the mold , " said Kerry Brown , head of the Asia Program at Chatham House research institute .

Points are constrained

The news was first reported in western media The Next Web , citing a translated version of these regulations. Translation done by a group of volunteers .
" Convention on the community" said the members should not use Weibo to :
- Spreading rumors
- Publicize information is incorrect
- Attack others with personal insults or comments are libelous
- Against the basic principles of the Constitution of China
- Leaking state secrets
Honor - Threatening China
- Promote the sect or superstition
- Bring an illegal protest or mass gatherings
Sina , and the two rivals Baidu and Tencent , are requested to ensure that all members of their original identity register no later than March . But Sina admitted they have not fully comply with the order.

Last month , the Chinese government forced the Sina and Tencent freeze each facility that allows users to comment on their status for three days .
The Government has strongly criticized the false reports circulated through the microblogging site , including news of the murder of the North Korean leader Kim Jong -un , and a military coup to overthrow the Chinese President Hu Jintao .
Social Media China was also forced to filter the publications that contain words related to controversial matters . When the former chairman of the Chongqing Communist Party , Bo Xilai , removed from his position in the Politburo , a number of sites can not exclude search results using the name.

Hah ! Only 19 victims of Sukhoi get employment and social security

JAKARTA . PT Workers' Social Security ( Social Security ) Limited compensation insurance claims have been preparing Rp 10 billion , to the family of Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane crash on Mount Salak Wednesday ( 9/5 ) .
Hotbonar Sinaga , Director of Social Security said , the amount of insurance is intended for 19 passengers who are victims . To -19 people were registered by employees of the company where she worked in Social Security .
"A total of Rp 10 billion to 19 people as of Sky Aviation , and others , " said Hotbonar Sinaga in the meeting - public hearing with Commission V at the Parliament Building, Jakarta , Monday ( 28/5 ) .

Amount of insurance benefits to employees who are registered with the Social Security numbers were varied . Starting from USD 100 million up to Rp 1.6 billion . Is tailored to the length scale of work and level of function or position .

Hotbonar continued, that Social Security is still not providing compensation to the families of the victims . The reason , there are the heirs who are not ready to receive these insurance benefits . " Experts have heirs who are not ready , but we 're ready . This week though we are ready . Jump everything , " he said .

Hotbonar added , that not all victims of 45 Sukhoi Superjet 100 's that will get compensation from the Social Security . It only provides insurance compensation claim against the family of the victim , who registered as participants of Social Security .

Hotbonar mention , that the employees of PT Trimarga Rekatama , Indo Asia , Sriwijaya Airlines , Kartika Airlines , PT Prima Chess and Space magazine , Social Security is not registered as participants .
Thus, Social Security obligations as a rule of Law No. 3 of 1992 on Social Security, the company 's own work which will bear and give it to heirs .

" There is no list of companies to Social Security . Because it must pay for itself . Srivijaya , Indo Asia , Kartika , Chess Prima , Trimarga , and majalang Space . Payable as much as 48 months and coupled with other calculations , as has been stipulated in Law No. 3 of 1992 , " he concluded . ( )

Trimarga claims only take care of invitations Sukhoi but not license

Trimarga klaim urus undangan Sukhoi bukan izin

JAKARTA . PT Trimarga Rekatama claimed not permit the parties to take care of Sukhoi Superjet 100 is unlucky on Wednesday ( 9/5 ) on Mount Salak , Bogor . According to Sukhoi 's agent , a permit submitted to the PT Indoasia Main Ground .

Soenaryo Trimarga business consultant explains , it only provides data of people who could be invited in the Sukhoi aircraft flight joy . In addition, he said , Trimarga as the party invitation spread the joy flight .

" We are only facilitating the place , for the registration of participants Sukhoi Superjet 100 flight joy of this . For consent, fully carried out by PT Indo Asia , at the request of the Sukhoi Company, " said Soenaryo the public hearing with Commission V of the House , Monday ( 28/5 ) .

Because it does not understand the problem Soenaryo claimed infringement or violation of the plane . He was also not aware of any changes in the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft numbers that make the joy flight .

Soenaryo adding a joy flight in Indonesia is part of the journey introducing once Sukhoi Superjet 100 sales promotions . With the joy of this flight , the prospective buyer and the buyer is expected to discuss with the instructor fabricators Sukhoi Superjet 100 from Russia . " In addition, buyers and prospective buyers can try directly Sukhoi Superjet 100 is , " he said  ( Kontan ).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Minister publishes Sukhoi accident chronology

JAKARTA. Transportation Minister E.E. Mangindaan unveiled on Monday the chronology of the recent Sukhoi Superjet 100 accident, which killed 45 people, before the House of Representatives' Commission V overseeing transportation.
The minister, along with officials from the Transportation Ministry and the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), was among the participants at a commission meeting arranged to look into the accident.
The Russian-made, commercial airplane, which was on a promotional flight, slammed into Mt. Salak in Bogor, West Java on May 9, killing all people on board. The accident has sparked concerns about air transportation safety standards in the country.
The chronology of events was as follows:
2:21 p.m. The aircraft, which was on its second demonstration flight, flew to a height of 10,000 feet after taking off 30 minutes earlier.
2:24 p.m. The plane requested to descend to 6,000 feet.
2:28 p.m. The plane requested to turn 360 degrees above the Atang Sanjaya airbase.
2:52 p.m. Atang Sanjaya’s air traffic control (ATC) in Bogor, West Java called in the airplane, which had disappeared from the ATC’s radar.
2:55 p.m. Soekarno-Hatta airport’s ATC reported to the air traffic service coordinator that the airplane had gone missing.
3:35 p.m. The airplane’s situation was declared “uncertain”.
4:05 p.m. Soekarno-Hatta’s ATC contacted the National Search and Rescue Agency.
4:55 p.m. An alert phase for the airplane was declared.
6:22 p.m. A distress phase was declared as the airplane was thought to have run out fuel.( )

Pooling the results of the European market in Greece make cheerful

Hasil pooling di Yunani bikin bursa Eropa ceria
LONDON . Optimism Greece will soon be out of political crisis , was the catalyst that sustains the European markets , today .
European stock markets appeared sumringah , where the Stoxx Europe 600 Index continued the rally that took place last week. The benchmark stock blue continent was up 0.7% to 244.2 positions at 8:02 pm London time .
Pace of European stock markets are lagging rebound in Asian markets and U.S. futures exchanges .

Meanwhile , several major European exchanges , such as the DAX 1.34 % shot . Then , the FTSE 100 index advanced 1.09 % , and the Stoxx 50 index rose 1.31 % . BHP Billiton Ltd shares . who reached 1.7 % , being one of the index rate booster . These stocks gained as copper prices in the global market .

Greek optimistic market will persist in the eurozone . This happened after the party supporting the bailout , New Democracy, led in the poll that was held last Saturday.

" European stock markets opened on a higher level as a stronger sentiment in Greece . Optimism will continue today, because the polling last week showed support for the pro bailout , " said Jonathan Sudaria , a trader at Capital Spreads , London .

For the record , today , some exchanges such as Denmark , Iceland , Luxembourg , Norway and Switzerland are closed , due to national holidays .

Pemit of Sukhoi Only Demo Flight not Joy Flight

JAKARTA . PT Indo Asia Home Ground , as the board permits the landing and the Sukhoi Superjet 100 flight says it only gives permission flight demo or demo flight in the context of the introduction and promotion of the Russian aircraft manufacturer .
Agents mentioned in the letter , a demo flight , which means the action of the flight, do not include passengers or an invitation to fly with the aircraft . But in fact , done is a joy flight , which means a flight with joy that included an invitation as a passenger in this flight .
It is delivered by PT Indo Asia Operations Manager , General Baktiono , in a meeting with the opinion in the House of Representatives Commission VI today ( 28/5 ) . According to the Court, flight clearance and landing of aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 is just a demo flight is not joy flight .

" The Russians asked for permission demo flight . There may be differences in understanding between the Russian side with Indonesia . Party there ( Russia ) may be considered a demo flight is a joy flight . I also found out that different demo flight with joy flight , after the events of this accident , " Agung said the public hearing with Commission V at the Parliament Building, Jakarta , Monday ( 28/5 ) .

Demo flight and joy flight is not regulated in detail in Act No. 1 of 1999 on the flight . In the Act itself, which is arranged on the market promotion of the aircraft.

Besides the Great also mentioned . it does not care to do a demo flight permission for aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 with serial number 97 004 , which flies and falls in the region of Mount Salak , Bogor , West Java .
Agung said, it sent a permit for the landing and the flight of Sukhoi Superjet 100 with serial number 97 005 . ( )

NTSC pocket 20 -minute conversation of Sukhoi pilot

JAKARTA . National Transportation Safety Committee ( NTSC ) are still researching the cause of the crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 , which killed 45 passengers and crew on Wednesday ( 09/05/2012 ) then.

A number of developments has been obtained by a team of NTSC , including records pilot conversations in the cockpit voice recorder ( CVR ) Russian -made aircraft .
" From the CVR was successfully heard and written in the form of transcripts . Now we 're trying to understand , " said Chief Investigator of Accidents Sukhoi NTSC , Prof Mardjono Siswosuwarno to Friday ( 25/5 ) .

Mardjono said, the pilot 's recorded conversation lasted more than 20 minutes . " Recording begins when the aircraft is still on the ground , while the preparation , until just before the accident . There are more than 20 minutes , " said Mardjono .

A number of conversations between the co-pilot and pilot officer pilot with Air Traffic Control ( ATC ) were also recorded in the CVR , which is one component in the plane's black box .
According to him , the CVR recorded the team also heard a conversation between the pilot with a flight attendant. " However , there seems to be a flight attendant knocked and entered. There was a conversation on the tape , " said Mardjono .

However , he asserted , investigators until now can not open the contents of the recorded conversation . The team must first review and linking it with other data . The conversation could not be delivered because it remains to be investigated , " he said .

In addition to the pilot conversations , a team led by Professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Institute of Technology Bandung ( ITB ) was also able to hear the sounds of instruments. But , it sounds an early warning system is not supposed to sound when the aircraft will encounter obstacles.

" It's not the sound of early warning system . But there was the sound of one of the aircraft that I can not mention , " said Mardjono .

Having obtained the transcript of the CVR tape , a team of investigators will examine the seconds move and link it with other data from the radar Air Traffic Control ( ATC ) Soekarno- Hatta airport , such as height and position of the data .

" It has to be attributed first while waiting for the other black box components , namely the Flight Data Recorder ( FDR ) was found , " concluded Mardjono .
As reported earlier , a team of Special Forces and the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation ( FPTI ) found the black box on the slopes of Mount Salak stone , Bogor , a plane crash site Sukhoi Superjet 100. However , in a black box that was only a component of the CVR .

While the other components , namely FDR , who recorded more than 20 indicators such as the aircraft altitude , weather , speed , and position of the aircraft , has yet been found . Currently , both the CVR and FDR , will be an important element to unravel the causes of aircraft accidents are super sophisticated . ( )

This week, the Sukhoi meet the victim's family

Pekan ini, Sukhoi bertemu keluarga korban

JAKARTA . This week , PT Trimarga Rekatama Sukhoi as the agent will meet with the families of the victims . This meeting will discuss the issue of insurance for victims of Sukhoi Superjet 100.

There is disclosed a meeting Trimarga Sugito leadership in meeting the general opinion of the Commission V of the House . Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company has appointed his own law firm Assegaf Hamzah & Partners to help resolve this insurance issue .

Business Development Consultant at once Trimarga Rekatama Soenaryo explain , Sukhoi has been using the services of Capital Insurance Group insurance in Russia . This insurance company pointed Airclaims Part of McLarens Young International in Singapore to resolve insurance claims this .

Singapore itself has a representative at Holman Fenwick Willan law office ( HFW ) . " Where a legal representative in Indonesia is Assegaf Hamzah & Partners , " said Soenaryo , Monday ( 28/5 ) .

Transport Minister EE Mangindaan states have been willing to pay Sukhoi insurance claims in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation No. 77 of 2011 on the Air Carrier's Liability . He said the deal was sparked on May 22, 2012 last .
However , he hopes there is a written agreement about the payment of insurance claims . " Willingness Sukhoi presented the matter of insurance is still in oral form , we would expect there is a written statement , " he said .

The Minister of Transportation regulations , the insurance amount received by families of victims of Rp 1.25 billion Sukhoi . So far , Sukhoi said the amount of insurance coverage for families of victims of Rp 500 million. ( )

Major restructuring , RIM will be laid off thousands of workers

Restrukturisasi besar, RIM akan PHK ribuan pekerja

TORONTO . Reseach In Motion Ltd. ( RIM ) , was preparing a major restructuring in a matter of weeks. At least 2,000 employees will be laid off.

Media in Canada , citing several people close to the company 's plans will be prompted RIM starts June 1 .

One source close to the company also leaked information to Reuters, the Termination of Employment ( FLE ) is also likely be greater than or reach 6,000 workers. Everything includes many divisions such as legal , marketing , sales, operations and human resources (HR ) .
RIM spokesman declined to comment about this news. ( )

Mutual fund investors chase the dollar

JAKARTA . U.S. dollar -denominated mutual funds ( U.S. ) to be excellent during April 2012 . The exchange rate of U.S. dollar against the rupiah to fluctuate a reason for investors placing funds in mutual funds .
Data Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (Bapepam - ​​LK ) noted, the total increase in funding or U.S. dollar -denominated mutual fund subscription of U.S. $ 372,180 . That number is far greater than the liquidated value of the fund , or redemption , which reached about U.S. $ 356,443 .
The total funds under management of mutual funds until April 2012 reached U.S. $ 408.02 million . While the total units recorded 393.21 million units . That figure is somewhat lower than the data by the end of March the stock market according to observers , Rudiyanto , reaching U.S. $ 417 million .
Throughout April, the U.S. dollar exchange rate likely rose to 0.33 % to Rp 9177 . Under these conditions continue, until Friday ( 25/5 ) , equivalent to U.S. dollar exchange rate of Rp 9454 . It was the most expensive price of U.S. dollar since the end of 2010 .
Based on data from Bapepam - ​​LK , mutual funds are the best-selling U.S. dollars in April , is Danareksa Jasmine Premium Dollar . These mutual funds in the month received subscription of U.S. $ 136,398 . While this fund redemption at U.S. $ 20,882 .
This means that the mutual fund receives net subscription of U.S. $ 115,516 . Total net asset value ( NAV ) of mutual funds as of April U.S. $ 33.37 million .
Mutual funds are another major recipient of subscription is Investa Funds Mutual Self dollar , which reached U.S. $ 85,100.84 . Redemption value being U.S. $ 2,787.76 . NAV of mutual funds reached U.S. $ 14.98 million .
Dollar fund was experiencing the greatest redemption is Schroder USD Bond Fund. Disbursement of the fund value of U.S. $ 207,272.76 . 're Subscription is only U.S. $ 37,935.43 . Total funds under management Schroder USD Bond Fund U.S. $ 57.47 million .
spread width
President Director of PT Infovesta , Parto Kawito , said the decline in the rupiah exchange rate against the U.S. dollar prompted investors to enter the mutual fund dollars . Understandably , the dollar mutual funds promising higher yields than the placement of funds in the bank . "If the returns of mutual funds in U.S. dollars may be 4 % , while deposits in the bank is only about 1 % , " said Parto , Friday ( 25/5 ) .
Investors also avoid the high foreign exchange selling and buying rate when dealing with the U.S. dollar in the bank . " Today the spread is the buying and selling the U.S. dollar is USD 400 . Spread the U.S. dollar is high indicates the middle of the rare , " said Parto .
By Parto , the high spread will reduce the profits that can be pocketed by the investor . Panin Bank buying rate at the end of this week , recorded Rp 9,300 , while the selling rate of Rp 9700 . "Whereas entry fee mutual funds that only about 0.5 % to 1 % , " he said .
Parto also add a dollar invested in mutual funds can also be used as a means of hedging and investment diversification . " The instrument is appropriate for investors who have a need for funds in dollars , such as paying school fees , " he said .
In the short term , the U.S. dollar is still going strong . He guessed that the yield of this fund could reach 4 % at the end of the year ( )

What about the gold price for tomorrow ?

Bagaimana harga emas untuk besok?

JAKARTA . Gold is still a favorite commodity for investors to secure their assets in times of crisis. How does the movement of gold tomorrow ?
Erwin Poernomo , Valbury Asia Futures Analysts predict gold price rise signals on a daily basis . "Gold is seen above the oversold area , there is the potential increase . Although be wary if they fail to stop at U.S. $ 1,600 per troy ounce , " he described , Sunday ( 27/5 ) .
Late last week , gold ended higher on a daily basis , though still weak in one week . Spot gold price and U.S. futures rose 1 % after investors cut positions ahead of the gold bearish long holiday weekend to coincide with the U.S. market holiday in the framework of Memorial Day, next Monday .
Gold got depressed when requests for assistance come from Catalonia , Spain . But the gold again with improved market rebound .
Quiet enough buying interest from India is estimated to be difficult to make the gold price rose further . According to Erwin , this week the gold price will still be driven by developments in the Blue Continent , in particular highlighting the problems of Greece.
Comex gold prices for June delivery rose 0.7 % to U.S. $ 1,568.90 per ounce . While the gold in the spot market only rose 1 % to U.S. $ 1,572 per ounce or minus 1.3 % for the week . (

Foreign exchange in order to feel at home , the central bank set the trustee bank

Agar devisa betah, BI atur trustee bank

JAKARTA . One disadvantage of the rules of foreign exchange export proceeds ( DHE ) lies in its inability to hold foreign -owned exporters . Rules of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) effective January 2012 that allow DHE just drop in domestic banks , and went away again , because the grip did not want to hit the free foreign exchange regime adopted country.
To get around this situation, the central bank will issue rules regarding the trustee or trustees who manage the foreign -owned exporters . Overseas, the Bank Trustee usually played by investment banks .
Governor of BI , Nasution said the idea came after discussions with employers BI oil and gas (oil ) . At the meeting, BI asked exporters to precipitate foreign oil exports in the domestic bank . " They told me not to , dong . They chose to put their money in overseas bank Trustee for duitnya bred , " he said , Wednesday ( 23/5 ) .
Darmin rate, it's the natural reluctance of exporters Indonesia because banks do not have a suitable outlet to accommodate exporters of funds . " This should be encouraged to exchange supply and demand change. We are currently reviewing the Act and seek legal umbrella banking , " he said .
Formation of a trustee in the country to deepen the financial markets and maintain foreign currency supply . With the availability of foreign currency , the rupiah is vulnerable and prone to speculation .
Head of International Division of Bank BNI , Wibowo said Abdullah 's Word , the rule in Indonesia has urged the trustee . Because bank products currently available are not sufficient to meet the wishes exporters .
Banks only offer deposits , savings and current accounts with low yield . " After entering the domestic banks , exporters will divert more funds to foreign banks that offer high returns through investment products , " he said .
Develop a business trustee can not be fast . Because the bank requires infrastructure , technology , human resources (HR ) is competent and has integrity, investment climate and good product . Instruments offered by the capital market product usually clad bank products . "If the market is unstable would be an issue because of return decreases . Education is also important to be familiar and Investment products in demand , " said Abdullah .
In terms of export actors , governments need to develop manufacturing exports . Because the manufacturing exporters tend to precipitate foreign currency to finance their longer production of finished goods . This is in contrast to the exporters of primary commodities or raw materials . Exporters will not precipitate this type of currency for a long time because it does not require the production process again .
Abdullah added , if you want to publish the rules of the trustee , the central bank should set up more rules governing derivatives . This rule is to prevent speculators destabilize the economy . " This rule is good . This rule does not prohibit the bank to offer derivative products . Bank only improve care, " he said .

Hedging instrument urgent

In addition to preparing the trustee , in the short term , Bank Indonesia ( BI ) also needs to establish a forward market ( futures market ) . The goal is the same as trustee , to increase the supply of domestic currency for dollars is not easy to be speculation .
Public Relations Director of BI , Difi Johansyah Ahmad said , the establishment of foreign currency hedging instruments is already running but slow . Because the BI must involve other parties such as the capital market authority . " The development will not only BI area . Besides accounting principles in Indonesia should also encourage the development of market instruments such as forward and others , " he said on Friday ( 25/5 ) .
Difi explained , the development of foreign exchange forward market liquidity needed in large quantities . While the exchange will come in person when many hedging instruments . " Outlet specifically required for foreign currency at home in Indonesia , like in Singapore , " he added .
By Destry Damayanti , chief economist of Bank Mandiri , is now a good time to form the forward market . As long as the U.S. dollar liquidity ( U.S. ) increases , the impact of export foreign exchange policy . "If there is no hedging in the country surely they will find out as NDF in Singapore , " he said .
Head of International Division of Bank BN Abdullah Word mengataka Wibowo and foreign exchange hedging instruments should be established for the sake of economic stability . However , in order to develop this market , it took a long time . " Keep socialization to the community about the usefulness of products and to stimulate demand , when demand for less then the lazy bank offering this product because the cost is definitely high , " he said

Minister of religion : Lady Gaga concert canceled FPI is not victory

Minister of religion : Lady Gaga concert canceled FPI is not victory

JAKARTA . Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Alie confirmed , the cancellation of the concert Lady Gaga , titled " The Born This Way Ball Tour" in Jakarta is not the victory of those who oppose the arrival of Lady Gaga as the Islamic Defenders Front ( FPI ) .

Suryadharma , the United Development Party politician also said , not only against the presence of FPI Lady Gaga , but also other community groups . " However, other community groups do not concern voiced by the media , " said Suryadharma Alie , Sunday ( 27/5 ) .

One such organization is not opposed to the presence of Lady Gaga is Nadhlatul Ulama . Chairman of the Board of NU Siroj Said Aqil said NU is not afraid of people with the arrival of Lady Gaga. The faith of the NU is not disturbed by the presence of the famous singer . "A Million Lady Gaga come , faith and morals NU will not change , " said Said Aqil here on Sunday .

The certainty of cancellation given promoters , Big Daddy Entertainment , along with their attorneys . " Lady Gaga can not be a concert in Jakarta , 2012, " said attorney of Big Daddy Entertainment , Minola Sebayang

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Promoter to refund Lady Gaga concert tickets

JAKARTA. Local concert promoter Big Daddy Entertainment has promised to issue full refunds for the 52,000 tickets purchased for Lady Gaga’s June 3 concert in Jakarta, after the US singer backed out early on Sunday morning.
Big Daddy executive Michael Rusli told reporters in Jakarta that the tickets would be refunded “100 percent“, starting on June 10.
"We will announce detailed procedures on Wednesday because we have to ask the police to issue a permit for us to refund the tickets, since it will involve crowds," Michael said.
The Grammy-award winning singer was scheduled to perform before her fans at the Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on June 3, but problems with permits and stiff opposition from groups such as the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) forced the pop start to reconsider.
Michael confirmed that Gaga's management had decided to call off her performance in Jakarta on Sunday, citing "security reasons".
A total of 52,000 tickets, with prices ranging from Rp 465,000 (US$50.75) to Rp 2.25 million, have already been sold since tickets sales opened on March 10.
"Those who bought the tickets online will only have to fill out some forms before the money will be transferred back to their bank accounts. Other ticket buyers must show us the tickets first before we return their money," Michael said.
He declined to comment on how much money that the promoter had lost due to the cancellation.
The Jakarta Police said earlier that they would not recommend the National Police to issue a concert permit for Lady Gaga.
The pop icon, known for her controversial fashion sense and outspoken advocacy for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights, is the first foreign performer to be rejected by Indonesian authorities ( The Jakarta Post )

‘Little Monsters’ cry over cancelled Gaga gig

JAKARTA. Student Darren Lim could not hold back his tears after hearing that his idol, American diva Lady Gaga, cancelled her planned concert in Jakarta.
“I just heard the news and I am really shocked. I was hoping that it was just a hoax,” the 18-year-old told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.
Darren is one of the 124 Gaga’s fans, nicknamed “Little Monsters”, slated to perform a flash mob dance at EX Mall in Central Jakarta on Sunday at around 4 p.m. to show their support to the singer.
Dressing in costumes that resemble Gaga’s unique outfits, the fans were planning to post the dance video on Youtube in a bid to ensure the “Poker Face” singer performs in Jakarta.
However, local promoter Big Daddy Entertainment confirmed on Sunday morning that Gaga’s management had decided to call off her performance in Jakarta, initially slated for June 3, citing “security reasons”.
Darren, a Santa Maria high school student, said that his heart was broken by the decision, lamenting that he had been saving his money since October last year for the concert ticket.
“I started to save my money since Gaga was rumored to perform in Jakarta [in October last year]. On March 10, when the tickets went on sale, I arrived at the ticket box in FX Mall in Jakarta since 3 a.m.”, he said, adding that he finally purchased the ticket at around 4 p.m. that day.
The Grammy-award winning singer was scheduled to perform before her fans at Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on June 3.
A total of 52,000 tickets, with prices ranging from Rp 465,000 (US$50.75) to Rp2.25 million, had already been sold since tickets sales opened on March 10.
Simon Sibarani, the 19-year-old flash mob dance coordinator, criticized authorities for exaggerating Gaga’s concert issue amid pressure from local hard line groups, which he deemed as the reason why Gaga’s management did not believe in Indonesia’s security.
“Tens of thousands of ticket buyers have had their rights taken away just because the police bowed to such pressure. For me, it just did not feel like living in a democratic country,” he said.
He added that Gaga’s fans would still perform the flash mob as scheduled.
“The show must go on. We still love Lady Gaga, until the end of time,” he said.
Gaga, known for her live performances and eccentric fashion sense, has received been the subject of a backlash from hard line groups in Indonesia.
The groups accuse her for indulging in pornography and promoting “satanic values” in her music.
One of the groups, Islam Defenders Front (FPI), has threatened to intercept the singer once she “landed” in Jakarta. FPI also planned to rally on June 1 should Gaga proceed with her Jakarta concert ( source. THe Jakarta Post )

Gaga gig going ahead: Promoter

JAKARTA. Although American singer Lady Gaga’s management says the pop diva will not soften her dramatic performance if her concert in Jakarta goes ahead, representatives of the local promoter still insisted that the gig is still on.
Minola Sebayang, a lawyer for promoter Big Daddy Entertainment said Friday that his client has been communicating with the singer’s management to discuss changing Gaga’s show to fit with local culture.
“We were not forcing her to do things that she will not do [otherwise], but merely asking her to consider harmonizing her performance with Indonesian culture. That was two different things,” he told.
Earlier, Gaga manager Troy Carter said that the Grammy-winner would rather skip the show than perform “a censored version”, the Strait Times reported.
But Minola insisted that his client had sent an official letter to the Jakarta Police on May 18 stating that the singer’s management agreed to respect local culture.
“The show is still on,” he said.
Separately, Big Daddy Entertainment spokesman Arif Ramadhoni said in a press conference that Gaga’s management “was willing to accept the input from the local promoter”.
The singer, known for her over-the-top fashion style, is slated to perform at the Bung Karno Stadium in Senayan, Central Jakarta, on June 3.
However, whether her show will go on as scheduled is currently uncertain amid protests from hard-line groups in the country. (

china was offended Dalai Lama visited the UK

LONDON . The meeting between British Prime Minister David Cameron with the Dalai Lama incurred the wrath of a parliamentary leader of China .

Wu Bangguo , chairman of the Parliamentary China reportedly offended British meeting with Tibetan spiritual leader .

Should be the number two man in the political system in China will be visiting the UK this May , but the plan was canceled , as it is delivered to a source who did not want to be named .

" Wu Bangguo not come because Britain was not happy with the meeting with the Dalai Lama , " said the source told AFP news agency .

personal meetings

Dalai Lama , Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, visited London in early May to receive a fund of £ 1.1 million from the Templeton Prize. The fund is planned to be used for charity .

Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Cameron and Nick Clegg was considered quite personal and do not take place at the prime minister's official residence in Downing Street .

Nevertheless the meeting immediately drew criticism from China , which called it an insult to the Chinese people . Cancellation of the visit is seen as a serious message Beijing for London .

Tibetan spiritual leader , who left his homeland to India in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule , announced last year that he has retreated from the political role and will only focus on spiritual duties .

Beijing has repeatedly accused him of trying to separate Tibet from China and encouraging demonstrations in Tibet in the Himalayan region to burn yourself though this accusation denied by the Dalai Lama .

A total of 34 Tibetans , mostly Buddhist monks burning themselves reported since 2011 as part of the protest to Beijing .( )

U.S. banks scored the highest income

WASHINGTON . After several years of struggling with the financial crisis , the banking industry the first time the United States ( U.S. ) enjoyed the highest revenue since the first half of 2007 .
Based on data from Federal Deposit Insurance Corp . ( FDIC ) , the first three months of this year , banking, Wall Street managed to pocket the revenue of U.S. $ 35.3 billion . This figure is up 22.9 % or about U.S. $ 6.6 billion from a year earlier .

The increase in revenue to boost operating profit increased approximately 3.1 % or about U.S. $ 5.5 billion in the first quarter of 2012 , compared to a year lalu.Namun , banking performance , this time not sustained increase in lending. Bank pocketed more revenue , because fewer losses backup set .
In fact , lending dropped 0.8 % or the equivalent of U.S. $ 56.3 billion during the first quarter . If the loan is not immediately increased activity , the U.S. banking industry will be difficult to continue the record earnings in first quarter .

The leadership of Martin Gruenberg FDIC said it was too early to conclude loan growth trends in the rest of the year . According to him , the decline in credit in the first quarter is seasonal . For example , credit card revenues fell after reaching a peak at the end of last year's holiday .
American Bankers Association economist , Jim Chessen expressed , total loan volume will continue the negative , because of the slowing housing sector . And residential real estate loans decreased by U.S. $ 19.2 billion, or 1 % last quarter . "The overall volume of lending to banks will gradually grow up to develop the property market , " he said .

Banking is still to be alert to the risk of the debt crisis of Europe . Indeed , U.S. banks do not focus on certain European countries or institutions on the continent of blue . " However, the macroeconomic effects and the potential for significant financial difficulties in Europe likely to give impact on our institutions , " said Gruenberg .

Moreover , the U.S. banking system has not been too strong . In the first quarter -2012 , a total of 16 banks closed , describes the lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2008 . Of 7307 institutions that dealt with the FDIC , there were 722 of them entered the list of problems.

Beginning of the transaction , only the Dow Jones continues to disappear

Awal transaksi, hanya Dow Jones yang terus amblas

NEW YORK . Europe is still the caretaker of the stock movement of the United States ( U.S. ) . In early trading , Wall Street opened three forces varies .
Two personnel namely the Nasdaq composite index and the S & P 500 was mired in the red region . But until 10:06 am local time , they managed to rise into positive territory . The details, the Nasdaq advanced 0.55 points, or 0.02 % to 2839.93 and the S & P 500 added 0.38 points, or 0.03 % to 1321.06 .
Both are positively supported by data from the latest University of Michigan - Thomson Reuters consumer sentiment index United States ( U.S.), which rose to 79.3 in May. This exposure is surprising , considering the figure is the highest since October 2007 .
Unfortunately, only the Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ), which fell quite in the back 39.12 points, or 0.31 % to 12490.63 . Positive U.S. economic data could not be a source of energy because of fears of Dow Jones Spain and the condition of the banking problems in Europe to dominate considerations of the trader .