Tuesday, August 7, 2012

McDonald massive expansion in the Philippines

McDonald ekspansi besar-besaran di Filipina

MANILA . Philippine economy managed to attract McDonald ( McD ) for massive expansion . This year , the owner of a fast-food restaurant chain plans to open 50 outlets in the country.
" We are very optimistic and excited to grow the business , " said Kenneth S.Yang , president and CEO of Golden Arches Development Corp. .
Of the plan , the Golden Arches as a McD franchise licensee hopes to close the year 2012 to have 329 restaurant outlets nationwide . 56 % of which are owned by the company directly , the remaining 44 % shaped like McD franchise .
The main focus of development in Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog . Kenneth Yang noted , the growth of larger stores this year than last year .
" We want to expand aggressively in the next three to five years , " said Yang . Last year , the company had said that will only open 30 outlets by 2016 .
That optimism is not without reason , the Philippine economy will be very strong and growing industry that is characterized by development of expanding the number of workers , financial transactions and the increasing interest in consumer spending large enough .
" Moreover, the price of products and the food here is very affordable . It 's very helpful to us , " he explained .
Especially for McD , it will be the expansion plans across the province . Including tourism islands such as Bogol . " We really want to be the main restaurant at the venue. McD will be present in Palawan in the near future . While in Boracay , was studied , " he said .
The investment cost for a franchise store is about p40 million . That claim , many restaurants have been renovated and brought to a higher standard . " The goal is that consumers convenient when it comes to our stores , " said Yang .
Fast-food restaurant is planned to raise its product prices . However , it promised the price is still affordable and no more than 5 % . Everything is done following the electrical demand charges and labor costs .

PT Timah Tbk reducing sales lead to the spot market

TINS kurangi penjualan timah ke pasar spot

JAKARTA . PT Timah Tbk ( TINS ) will reduce sales to the spot market . This policy is to boost the price of lead continues to decline .
Yesterday ( 7/8 ) , tin price closed at U.S. $ 17,900 per metric ton on the London Metal Exchange. This price is down 30 % this year compared to the highest price of U.S. $ 25,880 per metric ton .

" With the market situation , we will reduce sales in the spot market and fulfill the contract has been signed , " said President Director Sukrisno .

Tin has been committed to selling 60% of the production this year to meet the sales contract has been signed. Mining company is not planning to cut production and will build a storage area.

This company's sales have dropped 1.2 % to 17 236 per ton in the last six months to 30 June. Production also decreased 19 % to 14 984 tonnes .

Angry Birds Will Land on Mars

 A group of birds will land him angry , and ready to invade the green pig on the planet Mars . Rovio game as the developer of Angry Birds , Angry Birds will release an update that contains an additional level Space The Curiosity Mars Rover .

Rovio is still holding the United States Space Agency ( NASA ) , in making a promotional video Space Angry Birds on the red planet .

What new things will be found to update Angry Birds Space ? Rovio is still secret.

However , there are few clues that can be understood from the 30-second video . Visible glimpse of birds that pass over land Mars . Most likely, the Finnish company is adding an angry bird character has its own power .

Rovio Angry Birds will release the new Space on August 5 when the United States, and August 6 times Indonesia .(Kompas.com)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Chinese police arrested thousands of fake drug

Polisi China tangkap ribuan pengedar obat palsu

BEIJING . China police officers have arrested more than 1,900 people involved in the circulation of counterfeit drugs . Fishing operations are conducted throughout the country were initiated since July 25 last .
Ministry of Public Security of China explained, seized counterfeit products worth 1.16 billion yuan , equivalent to U.S. $ 182 million .
Millions of fake pills were packaged to resemble well-known brands of products . The drugs were labeled , can cure hypertension , diabetes , skin problems and cancer. The authorities claimed , the eradication of fake drugs manufacturers is far from easy to eradicate .
That's because they have their own methods to keep producing and distributing it to the public .
Actually , the most demanding of attention is , the drug was actually contain harmful substances . Among them is a sedative and hallucinogen that is prohibited by the State Food and Drug Administration.
The Government appealed to the public and members of the ministry to be careful in buying drugs . They are encouraged to purchase medicines in hospitals , pharmacies or a trusted vendor . Another way for the government to urge its citizens is by advertising in various media , print or broadcast simultaneously online .(Kontan.co.id )

Oil prices collapsed from its highest level 2 weeks

Harga minyak amblas dari level tertinggi 2 minggu
SINGAPORE . The contract price of oil fell from its highest closing level in two weeks in New York . Bloomberg data show , this afternoon , the price of WTI crude contract for September delivery fell by 45 cents to $ 90.95 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchnage . At 15:01 pm Singapore time , the same contract in the position of U.S. $ 91.12 per barrel .

On 3 August, oil prices had soared to U.S. $ 4.27 to U.S. $ 91.40 sebarel , which is the highest level since July 20 . Nevertheless, oil prices still fell 7.8 % so far this year .

The increase in oil prices came amid speculation that rising oil prices are too high . Another factor is the pressure of a tropical storm Ernesto slowing its movement along the Caribbean region .

"The rise in oil prices touching a peak of about U.S. $ 93 for WTI has reached the limit kind of psychological resistance . In addition , weakening tropical storm Ernesto terpangkasnya eliminate the potential for world oil supplies , " said Ric Spooner , chief market analyst at CMC Markets in Sydney .

Meanwhile, the price of Brent crude contract for September delivery fell 0.1 % to U.S. $ 108.89 per barrel on the ICE Futures Europe exchange in London.

Executive : Learn from the founder of McDonald's

JAKARTA . As directors of a company that manages the fast-food restaurants California Fried Chicken ( CFC ) , Susanna Kusnowo , Director Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk , of course, quite proficient in the culinary sector . He had been a Quality Control Supervisor at McDonald \ ' s Corporation while still living in the U.S. . Food business by Susanna has a fairly high dynamics . Itumembuat he was always challenged. Detail work , such as hiring new employees , managing the supply of food , or select and maintain the property for a restaurant , a favorite work . Almost all of his professional career took place in the field of Susanna fast food . It also makes Susanna felt the need to learn many things from its predecessor in the fast food business . "I learned a lot from many people who work in restaurants. One of them is the founder of fast-food restaurant McDonald \ ' s , Raymond Kroc , " he said .

Kroc Susanna inspired to also invest in property . Figure who is touted as the king of fastfood invest in property for financial support McDonald's .
The success story of Susanna Kroc applied , both in terms of employment , or for the benefit of private investment . Besides finding locations for the development of company-owned restaurants , Susanna is also able to weigh the prospect of property for private investment . Property prices , like in Cibubur , according to Susanna , the future will continue to increase .

Newmont gold production in 2013 could be recovered

Produksi emas Newmont 2013 bisa pulih

JAKARTA . Gold and copper production of PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara ( NNT ) to drop dramatically in 2012 was . First half of 2012 , the NNT listed
decline in gold production to reach 73.42 % , year on year ( yoy ) . Thus, also copper , a decrease of 39.71 % , yoy .
Based on the disclosure statement Newmont Mining Corp. , the holding company of Newmont Nusa Tenggara , total gold production at Batu Hijau in the first half of 2012 only reached 38 000 ounces , down dramatically compared to the first half of 2011 which reached 143 000 ounces .
Total copper production in the first half of 2012 reached 85 million pounds , down from the first half of 2011 the production reached 141 million pounds .
Rubi W. Purnomo , NNT spokesman says the low production due to the current mining cycle at Phase 6 is to peel the surface soil . " Phase 7 , hopefully next year , we go back to the beginning of the cycle , " he said . He said that since 2011 has produced a gold mine eagle .( Kontan.co.id)

Europe is more danger of a crisis or slowdown in China ?

Lebih bahaya krisis Eropa atau perlambatan China?

HONG KONG . Is China's economy will fall hard , landing with a soft , or slow down slowly ?
There's not much real action is performed European Central Bank and the Fed to tame the crisis last week . Grim conditions prompted investors to seek hope elsewhere . But rather than get a glimmer of hope , investors would worry meihat conditions the current world economic engine , China .
Questions about the future of China slowdown adorn the interviews in the broadcast CNN International this week .
Here are answers to some of the world's master investors .
" Brazil and India have slowed down quite a lot of bother , of course, is now also emerging debate about the slowdown of China , " said Jim O'Neill , Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chairman . He predicts the deceleration of the giants of China and all members of the BRIC block mengkhawatirkkan more than the euro zone crisis.
Mark Mobius , Templeton investor and head of Emerging Markets Group did not agree .
" A lot of people ask me whether China will experience a hard fall or falls with the tender ? And I said they did not fall . They will continue to grow and they are growing fast enough , " he said optimistically .
Still, China slowdown signals scattered . Stock piling up at factories . Companies ranging from electronics , airlines , and sports equipment have released a decline in profits warning .
" As the world focuses on what it does business with the Fed and the ECB to address the debt crisis contagion and grow the economy , which looks to me is the recipe of this policy may also have to involve China , " wrote Mike Paulenoff of MPTrader.com . " For example , how to avoid a hard landing ? " He added .
So are the days to come will be difficult for China ? Is the economy with a smooth landing ? Or would like a trampoline - with the help of the Chinese government - as it did when the crisis finanasial 2008-2009 ? ( Kontan.co.id)

Investors will be free for investment hedging

Investor akan leluasa hedging untuk investasi

JAKARTA . Bank Indonesia ( BI ) demonstrate commitment to encourage the use of hedging transaction or hedging foreign currency in domestic financial markets . One of them , launching a new rule on the matter . The existence of this legal certainty for banks to protect foreign currency exposure .
In the new beleid , BI will allow banks to hedge non - residence with the tenor under three months .
This allows the investor more flexibility to hedge for investment purposes . " The rule is already in table BI Governor ( Nasution ) . Hopefully August is rising , " said Executive Director of the Department of Monetary Management BI , Hendar , Friday ( 8/3 ) .
The new rules will encourage an increase in the derivatives market in Indonesia . The existence of the protective equipment will make risk management a better exchange rate . In effect, the financial markets will deepen. " Right now our financial markets more spot transactions , derivative transactions are still very limited , " added Hendar .

Facebook IPO messed up , Nasdaq damages of U.S. $ 62 million

IPO Facebook kacau, Nasdaq ganti rugi US$ 62 jt
NEW YORK . Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. predicts have reached more than U.S. $ 62 million to pay these companies are harmed when the IPO Facebook . At that time , there was a system disorders resulting in delayed confirmation of purchase .
Nasdaq said it is working in the investigation of Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) over the issue. Exchange operator in New York is also revealed is facing eight lawsuits from investors and one of the trading company . They demanded Nasdaq responsible for any problems that occurred on Facebook IPO debut , May 18 .
" We expect to bear the additional expenses in defending lawsuits , related to the SEC investigation , and apply teknsi changes and improvements necessary or advisable , " the statement Nasdaq .

Facebook debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange is problematic . Many pre -order the Nasdaq stocks that could not be confirmed until many hours after Facebook started to be transacted . In fact , confirmation usually comes in only a few milliseconds .
As a result , traders are not sure if they 've managed to have a sham or not . The market makers are claiming losses of up to U.S. $ 500 million due to this problem .
Last week , UBS AG said it would take legal action against Nasdaq . UBS loses U.S. $ 350 million in IPO 's .
Computer system error was repeated again in New York trading last week . Wednesday ( 1/8 ) , Knight Capital Group to run a new electronic trading system , but it failed to work his computer coding . As a result , Knight must replace

The U.S. will take AIG shares worth U.S. $ 5 billion

AS akan lepas saham AIG senilai US$ 5 miliar

NEW YORK . The U.S. government plans to sell some shares of American International Group ( AIG ) . From the sale of shares , the government of the United States hopes to get fresh funds amounting to U.S. $ 5 billion .

Ministry of Finance of the United States stated , AIG shares will be released for U.S. $ 30.50 per share . This value is 6 % above the purchase price of U.S. $ 28.72 per share . The sale price is lower than the closing price on Friday of U.S. $ 31.34 per share .

Just so you know , the Barack Obama poured into AIG's bailout of U.S. $ 182 billion when the bank collapsed in 2008. If the sale goes smoothly , the new U.S. government raise as much as U.S. $ 25 billion .

Sunday, August 5, 2012

RIM Ready to "Take off " Blackberry 10 to Other Manufacturer phones

CEO of Research in Motion ( RIM ) Thorsten Heins noted that his company is considering licensing the BlackBerry device operating system that can be used by other mobile phone manufacturer .

The move was made ​​to extend the reach ( reach ) BlackBerry OS .

Heins said , because RIM is too small compared to the other handset manufacturers , the company has exhausted the competition .

He mentioned that RIM requires a change in strategy in order to push its latest platform , the BlackBerry 10 , to the various sectors as possible .

The same strategy applied for the Google mobile operating system milknya , Android . The difference, BlackBerry OS will not be made ​​open source , so anyone interested in this OS have to pay a license fee .

" We do not have economies of scale to compete with the spawn 60 handset manufacturers within a year , " Heins said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph Newspaper .

Heins added that RIM needs to have a focused and differentiated platform .

If the plan is successfully executed , could be a BlackBerry device will be priced cheaper around the world .

" More or less we will be making a reference system , and then license the reference design earlier. Other manufacturers then make hardware based design , it can be a BlackBerry or other device BlackBery based platform , " explains Heins .

BlackBerry operating system scheduled to slide 10 in early 2013. The first BlackBerry device to be equipped with new OS is expected to be a full - touchscreen device to compete with the iPhone and Android phones .

RIM Ready to "Take off " Blackberry 10 to Other Manufacturer phones  

Due to storms , China evacuated 867 000 people

BEIJING . Chinese government to evacuate 867 000 people after two hurricanes hit the country. Xinhua news agency reported , tropical storm Damrey Saola and this has led to flooding and disrupt a number of activities of citizens .

Hurricanes and storms of rain has caused flooding in the province of Liaoning . Five were lost due to storms in

Strong winds accompanied by rains also occurred in the provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi . China Meteorological Agency reported that heavy rains will still occur in Central and South China .

This tropical storm also caused activity in Shenyang railway halt. This is because of flooded train line .

Government officials have warned of the storm actually this Saola . Earlier this storm has killed 37 people in the Philippines and five people on Taiwan .

Saturday - Sunday , iPad 3 discount Rp 2 million

Sabtu-Minggu, iPad 3 diskon Rp 2 juta

JAKARTA . Tonight, Saturday ( 08/04/2012 ) , a number of shopping centers in Jakarta held a midnight shopping program ( midnite sale / midnight shopping ) . Among these are Senayan City , Gandaria City , Central Park , Mal Kelapa Gading , and Summarecon Mall Serpong .

One program that definitely will suck the visitor's interest is a product offering New iPad ( iPad 3) a discount of $ 2 million. Products iPad 3 + 32GB 4G Wifi is offered at a price of Rp 5.9 million ( from the normal price of Rp 7.9 million ) in the program " Midnight Shopping" at Senayan City , while the 3 Wifi 16GB iPad for Rp 3.5 million ( from the normal price USD 5.5 million ) PG courses offered at Lucky Card Spending on " All Day to Midnite Sale" , Gandaria City .

However , there are specific requirements you must meet if you want to get this sexy gadget with a much cheaper price . In Gandaria City , this program offered by iBox , and applies to customers who have a card Pakuwon Group ( member card for the mall customers ) , and have shopped at Rp 4 million in the same day . Expenditure can be done on all tenants , except tenants jewelry , money changer , banking, and tour & travel .

" Shopping can be done throughout the day in Gandaria City . After that, the customer must perform the verification process at 21.00 at the concierge . After verification , and customer otherwise eligible, they will be sort of a confirmation letter , then bring the letter to the iBox to be able to buy the iPad reduced price , "said Luis Anthony , Marketing Manager iBox , when contacted by Compass Female .

Buffett letter to investors 50 years ago in 2012

Surat Buffet 50 tahun lalu bagi investor di 2012

SAN FRANCISCO . Warren Buffett's market predictions do not usually deliver . However , in his letter to shareholders Buffett Partnership Ltd in early July 1962 , the legendary investor to give advice through the stock market broke down . Advice was fitted with the present conditions.
" I think you can be sure that within 10 years from now there will be some years when the when the market goes up 20 % or 25 % , minus a few years at the same rate , and the majority will be in them, " Buffett wrote .
Interestingly, Buffett said , " I do not know what will urutannnya . I think it's not too important for long-term investor . "
Half a century later , Buffett's advice to ignore the market turmoil is still relevant . The problem is , it is difficult for investors to wait for goods 10 days , let alone waiting for 10 years .

Investors in the present course is justified to worry about losing their funding . Risk aversion alias to avoid the risk of common in a bearish market . But remember , the fear of investors that will feed a voracious market . A greedy market feeds on fear . Just like now , investors in 1962 deserve to be afraid . Cuban missile crisis did not bring duni to nuclear war until October , but the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union heated up . The Dow Jones fell 23 % in the first half of it , so immediately remove a 22 % achieved the previous year . Through all this , Buffett remains level-headed . He stressed , stock buyers need a long lens . " The results of six months or even one year not to be taken too seriously , " he wrote . He added that investment performance should be assessed over a period of time . In that period , the market can go up and down . The 50-year -old letter seems to be useful for investors who are now confused face of global economic conditions chaotic .

" All the big investors do Buffet do . You have to do a lot of homework and wait at the right price . Anyone who set up his own fund halitusebelum must learn to invest, "said Jeff Auxier , who bought Berkshire stock in the Auxier Focus Fund.
Buffet is consistent with this principle in subsequent years until now . He always insisted that keeping the capital in a down market , do not rush to catch a rising market , and focus on results and long-term challenge .
However , many investors who fail to grasp the meaning of long-term investing Buffet version . Men 's birthday to -82 on August 30 it was never suggested that investors buy shares and wait for passive ride . He suggested : buy at low prices , hold , and continue to monitor.

Magic word of  Buffet
Buffet started investing the limited partnership in May 1956 . Pupils seasoned investor Benjamin Graham 's side started with a capital investment of U.S. $ 105,000 from family and friends .
In early 1963, Buffett was managing U.S. $ 9.4 million , including U.S. $ 1.4 million of his own pocket . Buffett's success is not difficult to guess . For five years , the Dow average rose 8.3 % per year . Buffett Partnership managed to give its shareholders 21 % return per year .
In 1962 alone Buffet did not make a profit . Dow when it was minus 10.8 % outside of the dividend . But a year later , Buffett could reap return 11.9 % .
In his letter of 1963, Buffett once again repeated the mantra to achieve such performance .
" Our task is to accumulate annual profit on Dow 's performance , without having to worry too much if it results in plus or minus , " he wrote