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Rencanakan sejak dini agar sejahtera di hari tua

JAKARTA . After decades of work worked hard to make money , someone who retire will want to enjoy life in peace . In addition to always maintain good relationships with children and grandchildren , sobriety can also be felt if there is no obstacle in the fulfillment of financial needs . Understandably , the financial sources are blocked .
If the child and family can still be relied upon to sustain your life , maybe , the problem can be resolved. But , of course , would be happy if you can still be financially independent and do not incriminate anyone, including your child . If possible , you just give the excess of what has been planted during the productive work for children and grandchildren .
Therefore, thinking about retirement funding is essential . Financial planners say too compact , the sooner you allocate pension fund , the amount of pension payments smaller , but the potential for greater funds collected . " Not to mention the matter of compounding returns (accumulated profits ) gained definite increase, " says financial planner from Fauziah Arsiyanti Advisory Fahima , who is familiarly called Zizi .
So, should , as you work and earn income , then, you start planning the establishment of pension funds . For example , you have to set aside a fund of Rp 3.63 million per month if you want to retire at age 55. But , if your age is still 27 years old , you can simply set aside $ 1.3 million .
Financial planners of AFC Financial Check Up Budi Triadi Primary suggested, should one also does not depend on the pension fund administered by the agency or company where she worked . The reason , the average financial institution pension funds ( Pension Fund ) in government and private agencies only placed on the field with a conservative investment return is not great .

Can select the instrument that is more aggressive

In fact , the investment of pension funds may take up to tens of years. " Return of the investment is small or selected fixed it , probably , will not cover inflation , " said Budi . Therefore, he suggested that someone allocates itself pension funds in the basket that is more aggressive investments with greater return potential . On the other hand , the risk of investment into things that do not need to worry because the long- range bridging the investment risk.
Financial planner Financial Planning & Consulting MoneynLove Freddy Pieloor same opinion . " Pension funds are considered as a bonus from work alone , " he said . Because of the importance of private pension funds to allocate , even early on , it should be, every person forming the mindset that the allocation of pension funds is the need to deliberately set aside and not spared from income received .
The hope is, funds set aside may be heading as a substitute for ordinary income received during the work . These funds are useful to meet the necessities of life and the health fund . Understandably , health insurers sometimes limit the age of the claims , which averaged only until age 55.
Beyond meeting the needs of everyday life, Budi added , pension funds could even be designed to take a trip in the old days of funding . " For example , parents want to enjoy a tour of Europe , " he said .
The value must be set aside to fund the establishment of pensiuan , according to financial planners , is relative . Many factors affect it, such as current salary , income expectations and future lifestyle at retirement , your investment character , as well as the old allowance for funds .
Budi provides a calculation of the allocation of funds. With a salary of Rp 5 million today and wanted to enjoy the money with a par value of future retirement , you should set aside a fund of Rp 1.3 million per month and invested in instruments that can produce about 25 % return per year . Therefore, Rp 5 million today , with an average inflation rate of 12% per year , would be the equivalent of USD 119.42 million in 28 years.
Freddy believes , to be safe , someone could set aside money for retirement with at least twice the percentage of current inflation . So , if inflation year on year ( yoy ) in January 3.65 % yesterday , you should set aside funds was 7.3 % of total revenue . If the pension fund intends to allocate for yourself and your partner, or the amount multiplied by two again to 14.6 % .
Zizi advice , pension funds should bag a husband and wife separated . This is to anticipate the good things that might not occur , such as divorce . Well , here are some investment tools could be used to establish your pension fund .

Mutual fund shares

There are at least two advantages to be gained from investing mutual fund shares , the potential return of the stock price and ease of investing .
In contrast to stocks that require handling more observant , through mutual funds , your investment will be formulated by the investment manager ( MI ) . Return potential was large enough , can be up to 30 % per year . But , there is risk of an investment may go down because of fluctuations in stock prices into their portfolios .
For the investor of moderate character , a mixture of mutual funds could be an option . The reason is , the smaller the investment risk .


Besides enjoying the rise in stock prices , investors can enjoy the company's net profits or dividends . However , it takes careful analysis to select stocks is not wrong . Budi said , to facilitate the selection of stocks , you can select stocks with good fundamental performance , such as large company stocks or blue chips .
However , Freddy added , blue chip stock prices , generally , expensive . So , he suggested buying a second-tier stocks that have the potential to have good long-term growth .
Regarding the selection of its sector , financial planners advise you to diversify . " As for pension funds , stocks should be stored only and not for trading , " said Freddy .


Debt securities ( bonds ) over the long term of 15 years can also be an option . Just like stocks , you should , you are saving for long-term bonds , even to maturity .
Of investments in bonds , you can enjoy the flowers and the distribution of coupons or price increases . To reduce risks , financial planners recommend that you choose more than corporate bonds .


Property can be a source of retirement funds . However , selling the property is the final choice . Besides the price is not cheap , nor easy to sell the property . So , it's better to rent out your property to get passive income .
The selection of the type and location of the property becomes a crucial factor because it determines the rate of price increases and rental demand .
Well , good- old plan for a prosperous future ! (

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