Wednesday, March 20, 2013

War Commander Sulu Sultanate is citizens and civil servants of Malaysia

How healthy your friends today and succeed with your job ? While we try to look at the break between the sultanate of sulu fierce events and the Malaysian government in defending its own right . Which one of the Sulu sultanate states are entitled to get back the land that was lost and taken away from the Colonies during colonial British until independence Malaysia Sabah , and on the other hand the State Government stating that the neighbor has the right and power over the land that has been given of late " master " British colonial that.
Land disputes in the northern part of Borneo was actually a gift from the Sultanate of Brunei for the Sulu sultanate of Brunei has been very helpful in defending its sovereignty from the attacks of his enemies . And because sabah area is adjacent to the land leased to the British colonial government led by the queen Elizabeth . Land rent has never changed until finally Malaysia freed by his master . Because the Sulu sultanate led by the Kiram family occurred kefakuman aka no longer sovereign after giving up on America's then under the leadership of the Philippines , the sabah as if wholly owned by Malaysia.
So the Kiram family 's descendants who may have inheritance rights over Sabah feel entitled to get it back from Malaysia . So dikirimlah 200 ground troops to Sulu North Borneo to remind that sabah is the land of their ancestors . But Malaysia did not want to give it even if it means fighting a duel with them . Well it turns out my friend devotee commander had been a citizen of the Sultanate of Sulu Malaysia even be civil servants in Malaysia as manifested by the following .
Commander Sulu Agbimuddin Kiram were deployed about 200 troops to the State of Sabah , Malaysia , last month was never a citizen of Malaysia and working as a civil servant in the city of Kudat , Sabah .

Malaysia Chronicle newspaper reported on Wednesday ( 20/3 ) , Director of the People's Justice Party Rafizi Ramli said the information about the history of Agbimuddin was on the list of civil servants in 1975 in Sabah . Agbimuddin listed as a clerk in Kudat since March 1, 1974 with a salary of Rp 1.8 million per month .
"This case is related to the data of citizenship in the age of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad , " said Rafizi .

He then urged Prime Minister Najib Razak to explain the case of citizenship to obtain a number of followers of Sulu that the Malaysian identity .

A spokesman for the Sultanate of Sulu , Abraham Idjirani , said the struggle in Sabah will continue.

He said unilateral ceasefire made
​​Sulu Sultanate was abolished and the Sultan had ordered his troops to launch an attack and run tactics against the forces of Malaysia.

Jamalul also mentioned the news spread about Agbimuddin Malaysia has fled back to the Philippines is not true .