Sunday, June 10, 2012

April , the U.S. trade deficit shrank 4.9 %

April, defisit perdagangan AS menyusut 4,9%

NEW YORK . The trade deficit the United States ( U.S. ) shrank in April. Deficit down , although at that period weakened export achievement . This happens , because at the same time the import figures were down sharply

In April, the country imports made ​​Uncle San is cut drastically as domestic demand weakens. Well, the decline of the import rate is offset a decline in exports that occurred for the first time in five months .

Meanwhile , April exports down 11.1 % , due to the deepening crisis in the euro zone hit demand for goods . All exports of goods ranging from commercial airliners to machinery factory was dimmed .

Thus , the trade deficit receded 4.9 % to U.S. $ 50.1 billion in April. Meanwhile, the total trade deficit so far this year reached U.S. $ 603 billion , or 7.7 % higher than last year .

On the other hand , in the first quarter and then , U.S. economic growth revised down to 1.9 % . " With the euro zone crisis that still continues in the future , U.S. exports to the euro zone will tend to fall even further , " said Paul Dales , senior economist at Capital Economics.(

IMF : Spain takes a minimum of 37 billion euro bailout

NEW YORK . Spanish banking system is estimated to need additional capital worth 37 billion euros ( U.S. $ 46 billion ) to cope with worsening economic conditions .

" The stress test showed , despite a well-managed financial system , but still vulnerable " said the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) said in a report evaluating the stability of the Spanish financial system that was released yesterday ( 8/6 ) .

IMF calls , while the largest bank capitalization is pretty good , there is a group of banks that the level of vulnerability is very vulnerable , and most do not receive public support .

A German official European Union as well as staff who declined to be identified said , Europe Spain may seek help as soon as possible at a meeting of eurozone finance ministers today . If Spain be received bailout , this country means to be a fourth of the 17 euro countries are getting a bailout , after Greece , Ireland and Portugal .

The IMF also mentioned , if include other costs that have not been identified , then the Spanish capital requirements for banks will be greater than 37 billion euros . " Some of the additional costs for insurance losses may not be known in advance , and therefore not likely to be included in the stress test , " the IMF wrote in a report.

" Banking in Europe at the center of our concerns today, and naturally should be a priority for repair , " said IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde in a speech in New York , yesterday .

Meanwhile , on 7 June, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the IMF report and will wait for the results of two research consultants before determining how to finance the recapitalization of the banking system . The results of this study will be completed by June 21 next .(

Asian stocks rebound after five weeks sag

Bursa Asia rebound setelah lima pekan melorot

TOKYO . Asian stock markets eventually rebound this week . This is a weekly index of Asian stocks rise the first time , after five weeks in a row slipped .

MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 0.1 % to as low as 111.50 in the past week . Meki so , the benchmark is still listed regional exchanges fell 14 % from its high this year touched in February 29 last .

Meanwhile , some of the major exchanges , such as the Nikkei 225 rose 0.2 % also had this week . Then, the Kospi index rose 0.1 % , the Topix index advanced 1.2 % , and the Australian index S & P / ASX 200 rallied thin . Unfortunately , the Hang Seng index actually fell 0.3 % , and Shanghai pressure up to 3.9 % .

The majority of Asian markets appear more confident , because investors are optimistic that policy makers in Europe , U.S. and China will disburse further stimulus to spur economic growth .

" We tend to see a fairly strong policy response in some countries. It was a good catalyst in the market to start making a purchase , " said Angus Gluskie , managing director of White Funds Management in Sydney .(