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Menyusun keuangan pasangan lintas negara

JAKARTA . No one can guess who and where the couple who will be accompanying us . However , coming from any person's spouse , financial planning should still be applied in building a home the Big Dipper . There's just more effort should be made ​​for certain couples , such as couples who come from two different countries .
Consulting a financial planner from Finansia Endarto Eko argues , from the cultural side , a couple of different nationalities have different views . In fact , culture is exactly what will determine the character and attitude of someone in the act , including in managing its finances .
Eko says , no nation or race that put him as the dominant party seeking to set income and earnings , while women are positioned as the only party that is not freely accept to participate in managing the family . Meanwhile , there are also countries that have been very democratic about setting up and managing the family finances for men and women .
" So , before marriage should communicate a lot about the culture of each in order to understand each other , " said Eko .
Financial planner Financial Planning & Consulting MoneynLove Pieloor Freddy said , because of differences in distance , different nationality marriages at risk from the clarity of the origin of the pair . That could hurt their partner if it turns out that married people turned out to have poor financial records .
Therefore, Freddy suggested that people who are getting married with people of different nationalities should be more keen to dig information from the prospective life partner . For example , find out from the office where she works . " Not a bit , lo , the case where the partner was a stranger's life just a ride , " said Freddy .
Regulate the financial planning
Realizing a harmonious household certainly not enough just based on love . It would be more in tune if the household there is openness in the financial arrangements . This is also true for different pairs of citizenship . Here's advice from financial planners .

<<Making a prenup 

A prenup ( prenuptial agreement) may not sound familiar to your ears . Financial planners admit , this has not been done by the couple in the country. " Because the people of Indonesia still consider it taboo , " says financial planner from Safir Rakhmi Permatasari Senduk & Partners .
However , financial planners suggest separate property as compact alternatives to choose from different pairs of citizenship .
This prenuptial agreement in Indonesia has a legal basis , namely Article 29 of Law No. 1 of 1974 on Marriage . Beleid explains , prenuptial agreements can be made ​​as agreed by both parties to be married as long as not violating the rule of law , religion , and morality .
Prenuptial agreement valid since taken place and the marriage is valid for the wedding is still going on. In fact , the agreement was made ​​not set in stone . For in the same article mentions beleid , the agreement can be amended upon agreement of both parties does not damage a third party .
Anything that should be loaded in a separate property agreement ? Rakhmi said there was not a standard in the content of a prenuptial agreement . However , at least, can be set on the separation of property , separation of debt management, income , investments after marriage , as well as how to arrange the financing for the education of children .
Although the contents can be tailored to the partner's desires , financial planners emphasize that the agreement was made detail its contents , in order to avoid misunderstanding of the different interpretations of both parties at a later date .
For example, about the separation of property . Is the separation property applies only to property acquired before marriage each course while property acquired after marriage becomes common property or the agreement also applies to property acquired after each kedunya married.
Eko said the treasure that has been separated can not fall into the hands of the couple when they separate or one dies. If they have children , then the property will fall to their children , and if you do not have children then the property will fall into the hands of parents.
Function of separation clause in the prenup debt must also be clear . Such separation was agreed that the debt does not only apply to debts arising from each before marriage but on until after the marriage, then it can be hold when they will apply for credit after getting married someday .
You see, the credit application in Indonesia for a married usually have to get consent from their partner. " By demonstrating that a prenuptial agreement , so the couple can avoid the credit when a partner who takes the credit away, " Eko beber .
In order to have the force of law , of a prenuptial agreement must be ratified by a notary and recorded at the registry office or the office of the Religious Affairs ( KUA ) before the couple getting married . Generally , a prenuptial agreement also calls witnesses from both sides .
So, how to pair different nationalities who are married ? Financial planners say , the agreement between the two sides can still be made and must be legalized before a notary.
Eko says , if the agreement is different pair of citizenship can not be valid in two countries at once then the couple should make a letter in each country . The goal, to avoid trouble later if the liquidation of the assets it had to be done .

<<Carefully choose the investment 

There are many options insvestasi instruments . But it should be realized by each pair of different nationalities that there are certain rules which may be a hindrance to foreign nationals (foreigners ) . For example , in Indonesia, which restrict foreign national ownership of the property . The rules contained in Law No. 1 of 2011 on Housing and Settlements and the Law Number 20 Year 2011 on the Flats.
In Article 52 of Law no. 1 in 2011 is mentioned , foreigners may only occupy a dwelling by way of lease or right of use over the house . Meanwhile , its time adjusted to the Law no. 5 Year 1960 concerning the Basic Agrarian , the period of use rights for 25 years , then can be extended 20 years , and can be extended again for 25 years . Currently, the government plans to change the status of property ownership by foreigners is a right to build ( HGB ) for a maximum of 60 years .
Freddy said , knowing the rules , the couple might be wise to invest in property . Maybe it's better to use the name of the citizen spouse Indonesia ( WNI ) in the deed of purchase . Of the foreign national spouse should understand the risks.
Meanwhile , for the placement of funds in the banking and capital market , foreigners are able to more freely . Rakhmi suggest , for the needs of regular cash flow (cash flow) , the pair difference citizens can open accounts at a bank with an international scale . The goal is to be easily liquidated if they were back and forth in the two countries of origin.

<< Opportunity to open a business

Breed of wealth by way of opening a business also continued to be carried out by different pairs of citizenship . However , again there are things that make foreigners are not free to do so . Eko advice , couples can open a business to borrow funds to implement the system or the merger between the two.
Thus , the name of the business owner is a husband or wife who is a native citizen of where the business is built . Meanwhile , his partner acted as a lender or investor to lend funds to conduct the business merger . It will also facilitate the affairs of the division of property if they were to divorce .
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