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JAKARTA . Monthly living needs are met , no debt , and has allocated funds for investment , would be the desire of most people . To realize that, obviously , have more fat intake than expenditure calculations . For employees , both private and government , raise a way out which is expected to increase the share of income .
Financial planners call , ideally at least two times the salary increase the amount of inflation that year. So if this year's inflation forecast of 4.5% , ideally employee salary increase was 9% . So what to do if the pay rise below inflation ?
If the company is stuck can not raise appropriate mengatrol inflation , do not rush to decide to change job . There are still other options : you reset the flow of revenue and expenditure . Because, finding a new job in hopes of getting more salary was not as easy as turning the palm of the hand .
financial evaluation
One financial planner Consulting M. Andoko recommend that you secure your finances first. Willy-nilly , you have to further tighten their belts and brakes financially draining lifestyle . " Spending that is in control of ourselves , " he said .
Expenditures that can be pressed , for example , is the cost of food . If you usually buy lunch , there's nothing wrong , now more often bring their own lunch .
Transportation costs can also be taken into account for deflated . "If you usually drive alone to work , can now be together with friends, so the cost of gasoline and tolls can be set together , " said Mike Rini Sutikno , a financial planner from Partners Education Plan .
Financial Planners Financial Planning Services of TGRM Gumulya Taufik explained , the basic formula of financial management in a healthy family is debt no more than 30 % and 10 % of investment amount of total monthly income . The smaller percentage of the mortgage debt and the greater the percentage of investment , of course, the better . With the formulation of these , you can measure the extent of your financial health .
increase income
In addition to controlling expenses , financial planners also suggest that you start looking for new revenue sources outside of the main income . The following detailed advice from financial planners :

Glance at the investment basket

Instead, you are looking for investment basket for short -term investments or up to three years . Although from the return , usually , far less than the basket of medium-and long -term investments , at least , the risk is not large and relatively more liquid .
You certainly do not want money that you bury it ajrut - ajrutan worth it? Though money is expected to be disbursed at any time if needed to patch the main income is no maximum .
Choice of investment basket of financial planners is a fixed-income funds , money market mutual funds , and retail bonds . " The investment can still be counted on to generate returns above the 7 % or above the inflation target of 4.5 % , " said Andoko . For the amount of investment , Taufik still says 10 % of income .

additional work

Finding a second job can also be an alternative you are looking for additional income . Andoko advice and Mike , look for additional work in accordance with the hobby . The goal is that you do not practice it too tight . Understandably , with additional job search , automatic , you have to divide the concentration even more . Do not be, because of additional work , then the main work done at random .
For example , your hobby is photography . Thus , it could not hurt you offer photography services in leisure time , for example , on weekends . Or , for those who have great passion in education , seeking additional employment by providing courses , private lessons, volunteered to be guest lecturer at an educational institution was not impossible . Similarly , your hobby with computers , could have opened services computer services .
You could say , efforts to seek additional working capital needs are not great . " Just take advantage of existing expertise ," said Mike .

open a business

For those of you who want to be bothered , a business can be an additional option to earn a living . However , financial planners warn , risk selection is huge . Especially for the first time you try to open a business . " As many as 90% of entrepreneurs fail when opening the business , " said Taufik .
Indicators of business failures , according to Taufik , ie, if up to six months of endless effort to bring a profit . For this reason, Taufik said that , ideally, an entrepreneur who opens a business at least three times the capital . So when the effort failed until the sixth month , she can still continue the business until next year .
Regarding capital , financial planners recommend that you give priority to loans , such as from family or friends . If not possible , could have taken a loan from the bank . " But it must be calculated correctly on the ability to repay . Do not let it undermine the main monthly income , " warned Mike .
While for business development , financial planners suggest that you learn the right of the selected business ; including a surefire way of marketing study and see the potential for development.
If you do not want to bother, buy a franchise could be an option that simplifies the hassles . You see , the franchisor usually has a detailed calculation of the projected revenues and return on investment . " But , it must be selective when choosing a franchise because not all franchises promising benefits as contained in their financial planning , " said Andoko .
The financial planner also advised, you must manage the venture 's total even though only a sideline . Who knew that you are serious , the business would generate greater revenue than the main income .

renting property

If by chance your house big enough or you have more than one house , rented a house can be done . In fact , Taufik said , if you have more savings that can be used as a deposit to buy property , buy property for rent also you can consider. With notes , after the money used to purchase the property , there is still more reserve funds in the safe .
Tenants in order to easily glance , the advice of financial planners , choose a location. If you are in a strategic place , chances are, you can rent at a price high enough . Potential increase in the price was good . "Of the expected rents to cover the mortgage and leave the results for additional revenue , " said Taufik .
Now the choice is yours . Where the source of additional revenue which would you choose ?

 Financial considerations when looking for work

If you eventually decide to seek a new job , financial planners suggest that you could do a good negotiation of the financial side. Another goal is that you can not get a salary greater than that obtained in advance so you can be healthier finances .
Financial planner Mike Rini Mitra Sutikno Education Plan suggests , the amount of salary that you should strive for is 20 % higher than the salary received previously . Of course, you also have to look for information about a potential increase in salary per year and what are the indicators that determine the increase.
One financial planner Consulting M. Andoko reminded , when calculating the salary increases, should you also put out a monthly salary bonus and holiday allowance ( THR ) . Thus , the amount of your monthly salary is the sum of all money received from the company in a year divided by 12 . " Because there are companies that might not be too big salary but often gives a bonus , " said Andoko reasoned .

Beyond salary , number of facilities must be considered . Call it the health benefits , pension funds , as well as money for food and transportation . The farther the distance of your home into a new company , the cost of transportation will be more expensive . That is, could you nombok . Oh , yes , also consider how much time you need to be appointed as permanent employees .
You certainly do not want to linger to be an intern and received a salary of less than 100 % . Meanwhile , expectations of salary that you are getting value could decrease the ratio of mortgage debt and increase the investment ratio . ( )

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