Saturday, June 9, 2012

Optimistic market , Wall Street landed in the green zone

Pasar optimis, Wall Street mendarat di zona hijau

NEW YORK . Although time pressure , eventually the U.S. stock market performed brilliantly . Three personnel Wall Street managed to close a trade this weekend by landing on the green zone . Investors are optimistic , a meeting of European finance ministers will result in a bailout for Spain .

The broader Standard & Poor \ ' s 500 closed up 0.8 % to as low as 1325.66 at 4 pm New York time . As a result , in the past week , major U.S. indexes have jumped 3.7 % . This is the steepest weekly gain in 2012 . All sectors together in the green zone . The financial sector led the way with 4.7 % jump .

Meanwhile , the Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 0.8 % to 12554.20 position . If calculated in a week , this index was already in motion 3.6 %. Meanwhile , the Nasdaq composite index advanced 0.97 % to 2858.42 level .

Optimistic market , the central bank will take coordinated steps to save Spain at a meeting this weekend . A source whispers , Vice President of the European Central Bank or the European Central Bank ( ECB ) Vitor Constancio has said there will likely offer a good way out at the request of the Spanish banking bailout .

Walter " Bucky " Hellwig , investment manager of BB & T Wealth Management judgment, courage investors to take risks started to emerge . There is a belief that something positive will happen in Spain . "Everything that could lead to a better direction would have a positive impact for the market , " he said .(

Next week the price of gold fell

Pekan depan harga emas turun

JAKARTA . The price of gold is still today continue weakening . The analysts see gold price decline to continue in the next week .
Ibrahim , an analyst at Harvest International Futures , said the rally in gold prices earlier this week was the market euphoria of the possibility of monetary stimulus by the Fed . " The euphoria is exploited investors take long positions . Record high of U.S. $ 1,647 , it 's just up to U.S. $ 1,641 , last fall, " he said .
Interest rate cuts in China for the first time since 2008 should have raised the price of gold . Officials at the Bank of China said the benchmark rate and deposit rate will be lowered 25 basis points per ( 8/6 ) . However , Ibrahim assess China sentiment is not strong enough , because the U.S. central bank did not do what the market wants monetary stimulus . Thus, the trend of gold back down .
Technically , Ibrahim said gold prices could potentially fall . Bollinger band indicator is below the middle Bollinger . MACD also has the negative area . Moving Average indicator is still moving downward . RSI is still bent downwards . " Key Support in U.S. $ 1,527 . If it is not transparent , it will go up , " he said . If translucent , gold may not fall below U.S. $ 1,500 . " If it was not until the U.S. $ 1,527 , well placed for sale at U.S. $ 1544.50 , " she said .

Ibrahim said that price pressures are still strong enough Greek elections June 17 . Where the most likely winner of the election was the opposition party . In addition, on June 20 there will be a meeting of the Federal Reserve . If the central bank give monetary stimulus according to market expectations , the potential of gold soared to U.S. $ 1,600 more open .
Alwi Assegaf , Universal Broker Analyst , said the strongest support in the U.S. $ 1,526 . " As happened last week , coinciding with the non - farm payroll is ugly . As it approached its lowest level at U.S. $ 1,545 . Support is achieved, the price back again , "he said. Alwi rate in the near future gold will re- test the support level of U.S. $ 1,526 - U.S. $ 1,530 .
Wayne describes the stochastic indicator is death cross . In addition candlestick and a bearish engulfing pattern signifies the reversal of prices after touching a record high at U.S. $ 1,640 . Alwi added potential through U.S. $ 1,526 can be thin . The reason, there has been a double bottom in the price level and mental . " My recommendation would buy on weakness or buy in the area of ​​support , " he suggested .
Alwi estimate next week will play in the gold price range of U.S. $ 1,526 - U.S. $ 1,600 per ounce Troi . Ibrahim was predicted next week's gold price at U.S. $ 1,527.33 - U.S. $ 1,592.91 . Until the end of the month at U.S. $ 1,380 - U.S. $ 1,642 per ounce Troi .(

Indonesia will be a generator of Economic growth

JAKARTA . Armida Alisjahbana , State Minister for National Development Planning , National Development Planning Agency Head believes that in some time to come Indonesia and other emerging country will be a generator of economic growth in the world .

This belief is based on the magnitude of the economic potential that is currently owned by Indonesia . One of them , is the large population of Indonesia is now entering the age of the workforce.

" We grow great space for young people and our workforce are many , they are widely used to pay for spending so that our economy could be going around , " said Armida in Jakarta on Friday ( 8/6 ) .

Armida said the condition , of course, very much the situation that occurred in Europe at this time . People there , most have entered the age of the elderly. Meanwhile , for most young people do not want to have children .

" So even though they may retire , it will be saved not for spending , their economies are not going around , " said Armida .(

Friday, June 8, 2012

Analyst : Stock francs potential to reach IDR 750

JAKARTA . Although the new just recorded a shares of its inaugural today ( 7/6 ) , at closing session of I, shares of PT Supra Boga Lestari Tbk ( francs ) was recorded up 28 % or as many as 140 points become Rp 640.

Analyst PT Astronacci International , Gema Goeryadi predict , for a period of short and medium term , this stock has the potential to reach Rp 700 - Rp 750 with the risk of price support is at $ 500 .

Gema belief, the stock francs can be considered to fill the investor 's portfolio along with other retail and consumer stocks . " The quality of financial performance and are thought to be responsible for any disclosure of information could be an ideal reference , " he explained , Thursday ( 7/6 ) .

He added that these stocks have a tendency to move quickly and have a wide volatility . However, not suited to be a hit and run stock speculation .

"Stocks will also be quite sensitive to the JCI , " said Gema . That is , when JCI sideways or down , shut up and francs will tend to be static with no movement whatsoever. But when the market back alive then francs will be traded with a price range of approximately 8 % -10 % from lowest to highest price .

"Stocks are more suitable for mid - term swing trader and investor and not a choice for the character of fried stock trader , " he said .( )

Mirae : Brent touch U.S. $ 90 , OPEC cut production

SINGAPORE . Oil producing countries belonging to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) is predicted to be acting , if oil prices continue to sag .

Gordon Kwan , head of energy research from Mirae Asset Securities Hong Kong Ltd. . calls , OPEC will probably cut its oil production , if Brent oil fell to touch U.S. $ 90 per barrel .

That is why , according to Kwan , the oil price collapse will not repeat that once took place in 2008. At that time, Brent oil slid to U.S. $ 40 per barrel from its peak at U.S. $ 147.50 per barrel .

" Producers in the Middle East want a minimum price of around U.S. $ 90 per barrel to balance their national budgets , " he said in research released today .

Kwan continued , the EU embargo -related imports of Iranian crude oil supplies could eliminate as many as 1 million barrels per day .

He was convinced , at this time , the oil is extremely oversold ( oversold ) . Therefore, he suggested the long-term investor to take advantage of selling futures contracts that took place lately .

For the record , Brent crude oil for July delivery rose 0.5 % to U.S. $ 101.18 per barrel today . Earlier , on June 1 , the price had touched U.S. $ 98.43 per barrel . That's the lowest level since January 2011 (

Thursday, June 7, 2012

China delayed implementation of bank capital increase

BEIJING . An unstable global economy led to re-think China to tighten monetary policy . That is why the government was delaying the implementation of the State Panda tightening banking capital until next year . This step is intended to increase lending amid the economic slowdown .

Earlier , in August last year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission said it would implement the policy as of January 1 this year . However , based on certain considerations , the implementation of this policy was postponed .

" China Banking suffered heavy pressure lately. Delay regulation is not surprising , because the government seeks to help relieve the pressure on banks to raise capital in , " said Chen Xingyu , analyst at Phillip Securities in Shanghai .

For your additional information , China 's economy grew 8.1 % in the first quarter of this year . The figure is the lowest in the last 11 quarters .(

Buffett : No U.S. recession , with the exception of Europe deteriorated

NEW YORK . Warren Buffett , the billionaire 's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. as well as controllers expect , the U.S. economy ( the U.S. ) can withstand attacks from the outside during the crisis of Europe is still struggling with debt problems .

" There will be no recession in the U.S. other than the events that occurred in Europe progressed through a variety of ways , " said Buffett at the Economic Club of Washington , DC when answering questions David Rubenstein , co - CEO of Carlyle Group LP , the leader of the largest private equity firm second in the world .

European debt crisis continues to threaten and potentially destroy the 17 countries that joined the euro zone . Yesterday , the finance ministers and central bank governors from the G7 group agreed to meet and coordinate to respond to the potential release of the single currency of Greece .

"They are in the same currency , but not in fiscal policy , culture and work practices together . This is actually the weakness of the European Union and the union must have a way to unite the discordant , " said Buffett .

Moody's cut the German bank 's debt rating

FRANKFURT ,Moody's Investors Service cut its debt rating of the largest banking groups in Germany . In addition, this agency also downgraded the debt of three largest banks in Austria .

The agency said that banks would be at risk if the European debt crisis is getting worse . Moody's said the German bank 's asset quality will be at risk if the debt crisis in Europe or the global economy is slow .

As for Austrian banks , Moody's assess the condition is quite vulnerable because it operates in Central Europe , East and the Commonwealth .

The following German bank group 's debt rating by Moody's

A . Commerzbank AG , a long-term debt rating lowered to A3 from A2 with a negative outlook
2 . Landesbank Baden - Wuerttemberg , lowered debt rating from A2 to A3 with stable outlook
3 . Norddeutsche Landesbank GZ , trimmed debt rating from A2 to A3 with stable outlook
4 . UniCredit Bank AG cut the debt rating from A2 to A3 with negative outlook
5 . Landesbank Hessen - Thueringen GZ , cut its debt rating from A1 to A2 with stable outlook

Recent bank debt rating Austria

A . Hypo Tirol Bank AG , its rating was downgraded from A2 to A3 with negative outlook
2 . UniCredit Bank Austria AG , the debt rating from A2 to A3 with negative outlook
3 . Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG from A1/A2 to A2/A3 with stable outlook

New Rules on Bank Gold Financing the Sharia

JAKARTA - Bank Indonesia ( BI ) has given the green signal for Islamic banks to provide financing ownership of gold products ( PKE ) using a murabaha contract ( sale and purchase in installments ) . However , some rules must be met in order not subject to sanctions when the product is running . What is it?
Rules contained in the SE Number 14/16/DPbS about PKE BI launched late last month said the Sharia Bank or Sharia ( UUS ), which will distribute the products PKE must obtain prior approval from the BI .

U.S. debt will double

WASHINGTON ,Debt United States ( U.S. ) also accumulate , and will double the gross domestic product ( GDP ) , in 25 years.

Similarly, the U.S. Congressional Budget Office report ( CBO ) , Tuesday ( 06/05/2012 ) in Washington . The report contains an overview of the financial future of the U.S. states , as reported by Agence France Presse ( AFP ) .

With current policy , where the tax rate is not overhauled and maintained low , while the expenditure is not reduced , then the portion of the country 's national debt will go up to 70 percent at the end of 2012 . In the next decade the portion of U.S. government debt will reach 100 percent of GDP .

" After that, when spending was much greater than revenues , combined with the rising burden of debt interest , the portion of U.S. debt will rise to a higher level , " said CBO .

Things like this are now being faced by several countries in the euro zone comrades . In 2037 the U.S. debt will be 200 percent of GDP . The U.S. economy will face pressure to be recorded in the history of the coming decades , plus the problem of population will age (aging population ) .

Generation of "baby- boomers " , the nickname for those who were born the end of World War II period until the early decades of the 1960s, will become increasingly older population and increase the share of productive age . On the other hand to the citizens of the old categories of health and social care costs rising as well.

CBO director , Doug Elmendorf , their views before the U.S. Congress on Wednesday ( 06/06/2012 ) this . "The description about the bleak future budgets ," said Elmendorf .

This picture seems to be directed to change the view of the Republican faction , which controls the lower house of parliament in the U.S. .

Republican Party has always refused to increase taxes and decrease spending declined . It is no longer correspond to reality , in which U.S. state revenues can not increase rapidly as usual .(

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In May, Nissan sold 112 000 units in China

April lalu, Nissan jual 112.000 unit di China

BEIJING . Nissan Motor Company joint venture with Chinese companies successfully sold 112 000 units of vehicles in China in May. Sales rose 20.1 % was recorded from the same time the previous year .

The strengthening Euro is only temporary

JAKARTA . The euro began in June with pretty good . The European Union's currency climbed for three days , after touching its lowest level over the weekend . G -7 meeting that discussed the European debt crisis into a positive sentiment for the Euro .

Google's acquisition of startup worth U.S. $ 100 million

Google akuisisi startup senilai US$ 100 juta
NEW YORK . Company that is synonymous with search engine Google Inc , plans to acquire a startup company called Meebo . During this time, Meebo offers services to online publishers to be connected with social networking sites .

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Return on profit-taking eroded the price of gold

SINGAPORE . By late afternoon , gold prices traded fell . This afternoon , the price of gold for fast delivery fell by 0.6 % to U.S. $ 1614.88 per troy ounce. At 15:13 pm Singapore time , gold prices for fast delivery at the level of U.S. $ 1619.15 per troy ounce.

On 1 June, gold prices had surged 4.1 % . This is the highest increase since January 2009.

Meanwhile , the price of gold contract for August delivery rose 0.5 % to U.S. $ 1629.70 per troy ounce on the Comex in New York .

The decline in gold prices today after investors sold gold and prefer to hold cash funds after the stock market and other commodity prices slumped .

" After being up high , it is natural for investors to take action to seek profits in other markets . However , gold is trying to maintain its status as a safe haven as the strengthening U.S. dollar against other currencies , including euro . I see , the price gold will continue to pressure , "said Sun Yonggang , an analyst at Everbright Futures Co.(

One by one , Asian stocks Fell Down

TOKYO . One by one , falling Asian markets this morning . Take for example , the Nikkei 225 Stock Average was down 2 % and the Topix index fell 2.1 % . In addition, South Korea 's Kospi index dropped 2.3 % and the S & P / ASX 200 slipped 1.6 % Australia .

Conditions that cause the benchmark in the region participated eroded . At 9:53 pm Tokyo time , MSCI Asia Pacific Index slumped 1.4 % to 109.83 .

The shares of Japanese stocks also influence the movement is : Sony Corp., which fell 1.5 % in Tokyo , BHP Billiton Ltd. down 1.9 % in Sydney, and Woodside Petroleum Ltd which fell 2.2 % in Sydney.

Memerahnya Asian stocks triggered by U.S. employment data which recorded the addition of fewer than predicted . This condition is triggered fears that the slowing global economy .

" Negative U.S. jobs data began eroding investor optimism about U.S. economic growth , " said Gerad Minack , developed global market strategist at Morgan Stanley in Sydney .

Battered issue of China , European bourses down

LONDON . European stock market return of negative news from the battered global region . Investors worried , because the issue of China's economic slowdown becoming stuck . Moreover , speculation growing crisis in the Euro zone will deteriorate . Inevitably , the stock market was down a blue continent .

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index slipped 0.7 % to 233.53 positions at 08:15 London time . Meanwhile , some of the major exchanges , such as the DAX ( Germany ) fell 1.18 % . Then, the FTSE index also fell 1.14 % , and the Stoxx 50 index fell 0.52 % .

Jebloknya European stock markets also followed the ongoing correction in the stock markets of Asia and the U.S. futures exchanges today . The trigger is China's economic indicators are disappointing and European markets.

Yesterday , China 's statistics bureau reported , the index of non- manufacturing purchasing manager in April fell to 55.2 , from 56.1 the previous month . On the other hand , unemployment in the euro zone showed signs of a slowing economy . Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy insisted , European leaders must strengthen efforts to protect the banks in the euro area bank .

" Investor sentiment slumped , after the indicator failed to boost the growth of the market on Friday . Economic indicators in Asia , Europe , U.S. and global economic slowdown raised fears will be increasingly in the future , " said Stan Shamu , market analyst at IG Markets in Melbourne .(

Wealth of the world's billionaires slashed U.S. $ 24.4 billion

Kekayaan miliarder dunia terpapas US$ 24,4 miliar

NEW YORK . Wealth of the world 's billionaires eroded during last week to U.S. $ 24.4 billion . Based on data from Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Sheldon Adelson suffered the biggest loss of U.S. $ 2.2 billion . Cause, the share price of his Las Vegas Sands Corp. plunged 10.3 % during the last week .

In addition, on Friday ( 1/6 ), the Macao casino gambling revenue rose only 7.3 % in all the month of May. This is a late growth since July 2009. For your information , Adelson , 78, is the world's richest -22 version of the Billionaires Bloomberg Index.

In addition, another billionaire wealth is also eroded 's Mark Zuckerberg , 28 years old . His stake in Facebook Inc. slumped 13.1% in all of last week . Currently, Zuckerberg worth U.S. $ 14.1 billion .

Meanwhile, Carlos Slim , 72, remains the world 's richest man with a fortune of U.S. $ 63 billion . The second position is filled by Bill Gates , 56 years , with a fortune of U.S. $ 58.2 billion .

Monday, June 4, 2012

Indonesia's crude oil prices fell about 10 %

JAKARTA . Average price of crude oil based on the calculation formula Indonesia Indonesia Crude Price ( ICP ) in May 2012 reached U.S. $ 113.76 per barrel . This price decline by about 10 % or U.S. $ 10.88 per barrel compared to ICP in April , which reached U.S. $ 124.63 per barrel .

Meanwhile, oil prices Minas / SLC in May 2012 also recorded a decrease of U.S. $ 10.29 a barrel , from U.S. $ 127.96 per barrel in April 2012 to U.S. $ 117.67 per barrel in May 2012 .

Team Indonesia in oil prices last Friday , announced a decline in crude oil prices in line with Indonesia a similar trend in world markets . Saudi Arabia's government plans to continue to increase its oil production to be one trigger of the decline in world oil prices .

Another cause is the geopolitical crisis in the Middle East triggered by Iran 's nuclear program is beginning to show positive development . It is characterized by a meeting between Iran and Western countries to discuss Iran 's nuclear program and Iran's agreement to accept inspection of the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ) .

" The weakening economy , particularly the euro zone as indicated by high levels of unemployment in Spain to reach 24.4 % , also led to the decline in world oil prices , " the team wrote in its announcement of Indonesia's oil prices , on Friday last week.

Decline in world oil prices also caused by the data from the Energy Information Administration ( EIA ) which states that U.S. commercial crude oil stocks continue to increase so as to achieve 382.5 million barrels . The amount is 14 % above average U.S. commercial crude oil stocks for 5 years. Another cause is the strengthening U.S. dollar exchange rate which resulted in world crude oil demand fell .

Specifically for the Asia Pacific region , the decline in crude oil prices presumably due to unplanned shutdown ( unplanned stop ) refinery in Vietnam and China refinery operating rates decreased from 9.2 million barrels per day to 8.9 million barrels per day to China to sell back its crude oil . ( Kontan ) 

Asian currencies squashed sentiment China and Europe

JAKARTA . Economic Report of the United States and China are showing signs of a global slowdown to Asian currencies fell . Bloomberg index JP Morgan Asia Dollar down 0.4 % . Indian rupee fell 1.1 % to eg 55.98 . This is the lowest level of all time . While the dollar index touched 113.74 Asia . That is the lowest level since September 2012 .

Malaysian ringgit fell 1.1 % participate in this week to 3.19 per dollar at 4:32 when Kuala Lumpur . Besides Taiwan dollar also fell 0.9 % to NT $ 29.931 . That is the lowest weekly level since September .

China's economic slowdown is indicated by a slowing of China's manufacturing report . Far from the expectations of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg . " Manufacturing data surprising and much lower than expected . Especially with the weakening of import demand data and trends , " said Irene Cheung , Currency Strategist Australia & Newzeland Banking Group as quoted by Bloomberg . Sentiment in the market leverage issue is also very dry . Coupled with the condition of Europe which is still horrible .

Not to mention the unemployment data are still poor in America . The data show a lot of people who filed for unemployment benefits Amerka on May 26 last .

These conditions prompted investors out of Asian markets . In South Korea and Taiwan last month showed that out of foreign funds reached U.S. $ 7.3 billion . Action also has also hit Indonesia, where foreign exchange is sold shares of U.S. $ 825 million . Sell ​​shares on foreign exchanges Thailand amounted to U.S. $ 470 million .

" There is concern about the outlook for exports after a slowdown in Europe is also in China , " said Kozo Hasegawa , trader Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Group in Bangkok .(Kontan)

The first buyer Galaxy S III line up since dawn

Pembeli pertama Galaxy S III antre sedari subuh

JAKARTA . Samsung 's latest phones , Galaxy S III is officially on sale in Jakarta and three other large cities starting on Saturday ( 2/6/2012 ) . For Jakarta , the prime selling this phone is focused on Central Park Mall , West Jakarta .
Waluyo , is one of the first in Jakarta who have such sophisticated devices . " I left home at 04.00 am Meruya . I started lining up since 4:30 am . At that time the mall had not opened the door , my first line ," said Waluyo when ditermui KompasTekno .
Waluyo desire to line up since this morning when the queue caused by the sale of Samsung Galaxy S II first , he was late and did not get its first product . In order to not repeat itself , leaving Waluyo dawn so as not to get bogged down exposed to the Samsung Galaxy S III first in Jakarta .
Galaxy III S 4.8 -inch landscape display has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels , with the Super AMOLED technology and coated Gorilla Glass 2 a scratch and unbreakable . Kitchen spur reinforced with quad- core processor 1.4 Ghz Exnynos , 1GB RAM , and running with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich .
Internal memory Galaxy S III is available in a choice of 16GB , 32GB , and 64GB . There is also a MicroSD slot that can be expanded up to 128 GB capacity . Galaxy S III sensor camera and an 8MP camera equipped with 1.9 MP front . While the resistance is supported by a battery capacity of 2100mAh .
Samsung Galaxy S III normal Rp 6.999 million . However , on its debut in Central Park , the device is sold for Rp 6.499 million if it has a particular credit card .(Kompas)

Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life imprisonment

CAIRO . Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in a guilty verdict and otherwise involved in a conspiracy to kill protesters who staged a rally last year .
Cairo court stated ( 2/6 ) , the former number Satui in Egypt was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment . This is the first time an Arab leader was overthrown and brought to justice .
Upon hearing the verdict, Mubarak was on a stretcher in while wearing sunglasses . With a cold expression , he carefully listened to the Court 's decision , Ahmed Refaat .
Meanwhile, outside the courthouse, demonstrators came to demand the death penalty to Mubarak .

Soha Saeed , the wife of one of about 850 people killed in protests last year claimed to be happy with the verdict. He shouted , " I am very pleased and very happy , " said Saeed .

Meanwhile, some protesters who entered into the court protesting against Mubarak penalty assessed was too light . "The people want justice cleaned ! , " They shouted .

A man raised his hand and calling for Mubarak executed , then followed the sound of other visitors .

opened the meeting by calling the start of the trial on August 3 Mubarak " historic day " . He praised Egypt for removing the only leader many of them are known.

In addition to Mubarak 's sentence , the judge also sentenced the former minister Mubarak Habib al - Adli is life imprisonment .
Meanwhile, Egyptian state television said the attorney general has ordered Mesit Mubarak moved from hospital to prison to serve his sentence .
Meanwhile, hundreds of police with riot and watch in anticipation of protests .(kontan)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rich people in China , India , and Singapore Continue to Increase

GENEVA ,- Bolton Institute Consulting Group ( BCG ) report , China , India , and Singapore had the biggest increase in the number of wealthy people in 2011 . This happens because the Asia Pacific region have an abundance of wealth decline in Western Europe and the United States as the crisis in the region.

According to the BCG report , on Friday ( 01/06/2012 ) local time , millionaire households grew 16 percent to 1.43 million families in China . In Singapore , growth reached 14 per cent to 188 000 households . In India , millionaire households rose 21 percent to 162 000 families .

Meanwhile, millionaire households in the U.S. declined to 5.13 million families 129 000 families last year . Wealth in North America also dropped 0.9 percent to 38 trillion U.S. dollars , while Western Europe was down 0.4 percent to 33.5 trillion dollars . " It was the first significant growth disturbance since the financial crisis , " said Peter Damisch , Boston Consulting partner , in Zurich .

Global equity growth slowed in the last year . Global wealth grew just 1.9 percent to 122.8 billion U.S. dollars. Whereas in 2010 , growth could reach 6.8 percent . This was caused by the debt crisis and the weakening of European equity markets .

Singapore has its share of millionaire households in the world , while Hong Kong actually ranks first in terms of percentage of millionaires . " Emerging markets will play a huge role in personal wealth , " added Damisch .(Kompas)

Taxes to be cut for low cost, ‘green’ cars in June

JAKARTA. The government will issue a new fiscal incentive to encourage domestic manufacturers to make inexpensive and environmentally friendly cars, a minister says.

The incentive – a reduction in the luxury-goods sales tax (PPnBM) – has been agreed to by the Industry Ministry and the Finance Ministry, Industry Minister MS Hidayat said on Wednesday in Jakarta.

The government was previously considering replacing the luxury-goods tax with an excise duty, which was considered easier to implement.

The Industry Ministry’s director general for high-technology priority industries, Budi Darmadi, previously said that the size of the tax cut might be based on the amount of locally sourced materials used to make the vehicles, the environmentally friendly technology used in the manufacturing process and the vehicles’ fuel consumption.

Automobile manufacturers will be eligible for the lower tax rate for making cars with 1,000-cc engines that can travel farther than 22 kilometers on a liter of fuel or cars with 1,200-cc engines that could travel more than 20 kilometers per liter.

The tax break will also be given to manufacturers willing to transfer their technology within five years of starting local production.

Automobile manufacturers have long demanded that the government lower its current 10 percent luxury-goods sales tax on cars with engines under 1,500 cubic centimeters.

The luxury tax is one of several imposed by the government on automobiles. There is also a motor-vehicle tax (PKB) for cars, the cost of which varies in local administrations; a vehicle-ownership transfer tax (BBN), ranging from 20 to 25 percent of a car’s sales value; and a value-added tax, which can be as much as 40 percent of a car’s sales value. (kontan)

The taxes have made it difficult for local businesses to offer a car below Rp 100 million (US$10,600), which is the maximum price for a low-cost car.

Several automobile manufacturers have already said that they were ready to start on low-cost green car projects as soon as the government passed the incentive. 

Several new investment from international automobile manufacturers such as Daihatsu, Toyota and Honda in their local subsidiaries were reportedly on hold until the tax break is enacted.

Davy Tulian, sales director of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales, recently told The Jakarta Post that the firm was eager to join the program, as producing low-cost compact cars was the core competency of Suzuki. 

Several Suzuki models sold in Indonesia, such as the Suzuki Splash, already used alloy-based engines, which were inexpensive and could significantly reduce production costs, he added.

Johnny Darmawan, the president director of Toyota Astra Motor, said that his firm would soon kick off production once the regulation on the incentive was passed by the government.

“We will likely collaborate with Daihatsu for the time being, but may use different specifications,” he told the Post over the telephone.

Apart from promoting low-cost green car production, the government has been drafting several concepts for low-carbon-emission vehicles, including hybrid cars and electric cars, to support President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s recently announced initiative to reduce fuel consumption nationwide. (Linda Yulisman

Tragic , Died Because of " Airbag "

A British marine engineer died from air bag ( airbag ) that had saved him . Ronald Smith from Marsden , South Shield , otherwise leave due to inhalation of sodium azide and nitrogen that is released by the air bag in a collision menyelamatnya ..

The story begins when the Vauxhall Insignia driven by Smith was involved in six- vehicle pileup with another on 12 November 2010. When the accident occurred , he was not hurt . Car air bags also work well . But because there is broken glass pierced the airbag , the gas inside out and inhaled by Smith .

After the incident Smith has a cough and shortness of breath and was hospitalized on January 5, 2011 . " He could not breathe , very depressed and can barely move . Coughing is getting worse . In fact , ronnie non-smokers , " said June , the wife of Ronald .

The man entered the ventilator , until she died three weeks - according to doctors - due to bronchial pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis . According to Ronald Terence Carney is checking in South Tyneside District Hospital , Ronald deaths due to ' accidents ' , of dangerous substances and explosive airbag .

" I already knew from the beginning if it's air bag . But my guess people consider itukonyol . Not fair to declare one's ever died from suit save , " explained the mother of two children.

Vauxhall , the automaker used Smith promised to investigate this incident . The case is the first time this has happened in the world , namely the driver inhaling chemicals from the air sacs diigunakan most cars today. Without this chemical, the air bag inflates certainly could not in 30 milliseconds .

Well , need to be careful not to occur as experienced by Ronald Smith ! ( Kompas.oto)

Fragile banking , Spanish denies asking for IMF aid

MADRID . Spain 's economy minister denied reports of an additional request a bailout from the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) . The International Monetary Fund has also confirmed that there was no specific discussion regarding additional Spanish requesting liquidity .
All this contributed much to the IMF bailout in almost all EU members such as Greece . Previously , this rumor was widely developed after the deputy prime minister of Spain to meet with IMF Managing Director , Christine Lagarde .
"The rumors are nonsense, " said Spanish Minister of Economy Luis de Guindos on Spanish television .
Spain has taken over the position of Greece in the economic crisis . For Matador State banking has rocked world markets . Bankia , the fourth largest bank in Spain 's official request additional capital worth 19 billion euros . But many have questioned whether Spain is able to fulfill the request.